Testimonials of Titan Poker Players

Lorna Lancaster from Canada

lorna lancasterThe economic downturn hit Lorna Lancaster’s family pretty hard. Her husband was out of work, there was no money coming in and then the car decided to stop working. Lorna started playing at Titan Poker by entering into a freeroll. Through skillful play she was able to work her way up to win the €4,800 package on offer from Titan Poker. Lorna was swept off to the city of Gaudi, San Gria and high stakes poker for the Barcelona leg of the ECPokerTour 2010.

While there, owing to her financial worries Lorna played, in her words, “needy not greedy” and came a very respectable 22nd place earning a total of €11,000.

With her winnings Lorna was able to buy herself a shiny new car and put some of her worries to rest.

"I want to thank Titan Poker for the opportunity to go to Barcelona. It was a wonderful event at a super nice location. Very well set up and run perfectly.” Titan Poker would like to let Lorna know that she is very welcome and we look forward to seeing her at the tables very soon.

Cristian PanattoniItaly

Cristian Panattoni from Italy

"I am one of the many Italian players passionate about Texas Hold’em that has decided to play on Titan Poker, after having tried many different poker rooms. I found a reliable and fast software that meets the needs of our players, security and fast transactions, and a friendly and helpful customer service."

"What we lacked was a rewarding VIP club, but now that it has arrived, I have immediately taken advantage and I will continue to over the vacation, thanks to the VIP Club."

"The new system awards points in a more immediate and understanding way and it is really favorable for us players - we can now truly find satisfaction! Regards to all friends of Titan Poker."

Bert Greydanus Netherlands

Bert Greydanus from the Netherlands

"The new Club Titan definitely has benefits in comparison to the old program. You can trade your points whenever you want."

"My no limit hold'em poker career started 4 months ago - I only play at Titan Poker!"

italian flag

Alessandro Nardelli from Italy

"I have been playing with Titan Poker since 2005. I play at this poker room because I think that it is better than others."

"I spend several hours a day playing cash games where I can generate as many points as possible. I would like to let other Italian players know about the new Club Titan, the best VIP Club in the world."

"Thanks to this, I can increase my profits quickly. Thanks Titan Poker!"

Russian flag

Petr Tyurin from Russia

"I'm 23 years old and I have been playing at Titan poker for more than a year now. I play NL hold'em at $3/$6 tables and higher - usually at 6-10 tables at the same time."

"When the new VIP program was implemeted, I became very excited. It has become much easier and profitable for all players at all levels."

"In the past one had to play for a 3-6 month period in order to start getting good points boosts. Now the Club Titan bonuses depend on how hard you play during the current month. Now the points boosts are much bigger."

"I achieved my VIP status in a matter of a week. At this rate I can earn $4,000 a month. This is a great reward for playing isn't it? Titan Poker's new Vip system is far more profitable for gamers than many other big poker rooms.I'm surely not going to ever leave my favorite poker room."

Dave AndesCanada

Dave Andes from Canada

"The new VIP Program is excellent. It is much better than the old program and is also significantly better than any other major site's program. In particular, I appreciate the improved "Boost" structure."

"I play mainly medium stakes, 10-player, No Limit Hold'em cash games, and also occasionally 6-player cash tables and tournaments (NLH). I play (on average) about 6 days per week and usually 3 or 4 tables (varies with availability)."

"If you are an active, medium stakes player and want the rewards and treatment of a VIP, there simply is no better place on the web to play than Titan Poker."

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