Alen "lilachaa" Bilic Scores 5 WSOP Cashes

Posted by Bradley, July 23, 2014

Alen 'lilachaa' BilicThis past April, we announced that Alen 'lilachaa11' Bilic from Bosnia and Herzegowina outlasted a field of 1,740 starters to take down the €150,000 Sunday Special and capture a first place prize of €24,000. Alen, a talented poker player who also plays online with the nickname "lilachaa", told us at the time that "a good part of the prize money will definitely go into his WSOP budget."

Alen traveled to Las Vegas and participated in 20 events of the 2014 World Series of Poker. He cashed in five events, including a 15th place finish in the $3,000 No Limit Hold'em - Six Handed (Event #15) for a prize of $19,547, but told us he would have been much happier if he had made a final table.

We congratulated Alen on his amazing WSOP experience and spoke with him at length about the tournaments, Las Vegas, and his plans for the future.

Read our previous interview with Alen here!

Q: Was this your first time playing the World Series of Poker?

Alen: Yes, this was my first time visiting Vegas and playing in the World Series of Poker, but surely it will not be the last, as I plan on going regularly now.

Alen Bilic on Day 1 of WSOP Event #60.

Q: To have 5 cashes in one summer is amazing! Are there any particular hands that you remember from those events?

Alen: Five cashes is considered good, but I can't really be too pleased without a final table, especially because I came really close twice. I can't recall any super interesting hands from those events, but I sure have one from a $2/$5 cash game table at the Rio. I'm not sure who the opponent was, but I had a really good read on his game. He was about my age, playing very loose and aggressive. The hand goes as follows:

"I straddle from the BTN for $10, he makes a raise to $35 from the middle position. It gets folded to me, I look down at As9c and call, both blinds get out of the way so it's heads up. Flop comes Th 8s 2d. He makes a continuation bet of $65, and I call it. Turn is 8h. He check-raises my $80 bet to $240. I call again. River is 3d. He checks now, and I bet $200. He tanks for a minute and calls, but then mucks to my Ace high awarding me an $1100 pot."

To give a little bit of explanation what was going on in this hand: I actually believed I had the best hand all the way. I was prepared to call his bet on the river because I had a strong read that he was drawing and missed due his body language and the line he took. But when he actually checked the river, I started thinking that he actually might have some showdown value and the best hand, something like an Ace-high flush draw that beats mine, so I went for a value-bet bluff. He obviously thought that I had a draw too, and called me with what I believe to be King-high flush draw.

Alen Bilic on Day 2 of WSOP Event #60

Q: Did you play with any well-known professional poker players?

Alen: I played with numerous professionals during the WSOP. The toughest table I had was definitely in $1500 6-Max on Day#1 which included PS Team Pros Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen and Christophe "chrisdm" De Meulder, then also Carter Gill and 2011 November Niner Phil Collins.

Q: How many events did you play overall?

Alen: I played 20 events overall which wasn't too bad, but I plan on playing a bit more next year.

Q: You had 2 cashes in six-handed events. Do you prefer to play 6-handed poker?

Alen: Yes, I definitely prefer short-handed poker. Everybody's ranges get wider and you get to play a lot more pots post flop, where your hand reading abilities get to shine.

Alen 'lilachaa' Bilic had 5 cashes at the 2014 World Series of Poker

Q: Did you play any cash games while you were in Las Vegas?

Alen: I played cash games only in Rio and I did really well, but I didn't play nearly as much as I wanted. With all the stuff you can do in Vegas, it's really hard to motivate yourself and go back to grinding cash games on a day off!

Q: Did you have any other interesting experiences there?

Alen: My roommates and I really tried to do and see as much as possible in Vegas this summer. But the best thing we did was definitely going to the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) on the Las Vegas Motorway. Three-day party with world's best DJs and about 100,000 people. That is something that we are not missing next year for sure.

Alen Bilic parties with former Team Titan star Sam Trickett.

Alen 'lilachaa' Bilic Will Use Sunday Special Winnings to Pay for WSOP Play

Posted by Bradley, April 22, 2014

Alen 'lilachaa' Bilic Titan Poker players finished 1-2 at the €150,000 Sunday Special this week, with top honors going to Alen 'lilachaa11' Bilic from Bosnia and Herzegowina, who took home a first place prize of €24,000. Alen outlasted a field of 1,740 starters and defeated "oleg12345" from Belarus in 21 hands of heads-up play. Alen plans to use some of his winnings on his upcoming trip to Las Vegas this summer where he will play in the World Series of Poker for the first time.

Alen was awarded €24,000 for his first place win, while "oleg12345" was compensated with the €18,000 awarded for second place.

"Really happy I managed to win it this time around," Alen said of his Sunday Special win. "I had a solid chiplead entering the final table, and was able to control it with my aggressive style til the very end."

When heads-up play began, Alen had a 3-1 chiplead over his final opponent. He kept the lead until the very end when on the last hand, he held Qs Kd to the Belarussian's Ah Ts. Alen raised pre-flop, and his opponent re-raised, which Alen called. The flop increased "oleg12345's"  advantage, as it came 6d 7h Td. "oleg12345" bet and Alen called. The turn changed everything around when it landed as Qc. "oleg12345" bet and Alen called. The 7c on the river gave both players two pairs. "oleg12345" went all-in and Alen called to win the tournament with his queens sevens.

"My strategy for this tournament was to play really patient early on, and to start picking up the pace as the tournament moved to mid and late stages," Alen told us. "I'm always very active around the final table bubble trying to accumulate as many chips as possible, so that I have a better chance of taking it down. This is exactly what happened last night. I was able to outplay the chipleader on the bubble and pick up a monster pot. With a little luck on my side, and a huge chiplead, I cruised through the final table and took it down."

We asked Alen how he started playing poker.

"My primary source of income is poker. I've been a professional player ever since I graduated in Business Management and Economics in 2010. I was planning to go for a master's degree, but I was drawn to poker far too much, and it was consuming all my time and focus. I first started playing online freerolls with friends, and after winning one with a 7000 player field, I made my one and only deposit of $20 and started playing more frequently and learning about it as much as I could from various poker training sites and forums. I wasn't playing tournaments at that time though. I was successfully grinding Heads Up SNGs for two years until I eventually, in mid 2012, decided to improve my tournament play and switch entirely to them."

Alen Lilachaa Bilic

What will Alen be doing with his prize money?

"A good part of the prize money will definitely go into my WSOP budget. I am visiting Vegas this summer, for the first time, and I'm really excited to play in the World Series of Poker."

We asked Alen what his advice was for other players.

"My advice to other players is to simply treat poker as any other career. You have to be smart when making all decisions, and I'm not talking about the ones when you're in a big pot, but the ones you make when you get out of the bed in the morning. Stay healthy, think positively and work hard. Poker is an ever-evolving game, and if you want to be consistent in it, you have to work on your game all the time. Choose the games you play wisely, take care of your bankroll and grind, grind and grind, and then grind some more."


Alen Bilic plays on a number of online poker sites with variations of the poker nickname "lilachaa". According to his poker player profile at PocketFives, Alen has a lifetime total of $1,315,791 in cashes.

Alen's listing on the Hendon Mob Live Poker Database shows him with one live cash. Alen finished 92nd in the € 1,000 + 100 No Limit Hold'em - EUREKA Main Event in Prague in December, 2013, for a prize of $3,631.

At the conclusion of our talk, Alen added thanks to his rail cheering him on as he played the final table of the €150,000 Sunday Special and to his friends on Facebook as well.

We wish Alen huge success at the WSOP this summer!


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