Poker Players as Ambassadors for the Game

Guest Post by Ivan Potocki, July 27, 2014

If you've been keeping an eye on recent news in the poker world, then you probably know all about Daniel Colman, the Big One for One Drop winner who refused to give an interview after his victory. This led to a heated discussion about poker players' roles and responsibilities as ambassadors for the game, with one side holding it is very important that players promote the game and the other claiming that players have no responsibility outside of playing. Both positions have clear merits, and this blog will just be my two cents about the whole issue.

poker ambassadors


Industry Growth

Every professional player is aware that, at some level, his success and progress are conditioned by poker's growth and expansion. There is a fairly small number of fish that hang on for a long time - the majority of these novice players either become better at the game or move on to the next thing that catches their interest.

Fresh blood is constantly needed and the best way to attract new players is if those who are already part of the industry do their part to promote the game. Stating that they are misleading people may well be true to a certain degree, but like most things in life, poker has its good sides and bad sides. Only those who can successfully juggle the good and the bad can expect to succeed.  Like it or not, poker players make up for a huge share of the marketing for the game, and if a player refuses to promote poker for whatever reason and keeps playing the game, in a way he is expecting someone else to do the work for him.


Wider Acceptance

For a long time, poker had a really bad reputation as a game only played in the backrooms of shady places, attracting characters of suspicious morals and low values. As it got more exposure on television and by players talking about the game and what it is really all about, poker started getting wider recognition and acceptance. Although players are in no way obligated to act as sponsors of the game, if they are not doing it, there are very few who would care enough to do it outside the circle of professional players. And with an entire market struggling to get back in the action, poker is once again in big need of some good press.


Privacy Considerations

Just because someone decides to take up poker as career does not automatically mean that he wants to be the center of attention. The truth is that many of the best players in the game are not too big on social interaction. Some of them play poker simply because they love the game or see it as the best way to make a living, but they do not really care about anything outside the game.

Players' desires in this regard must be respected. Even if it is not the best thing for the game on the larger scale, it is a matter of personal choice. If some players decide for whatever reason that they have no interest in promoting the game, it is well within their rights.



There is no denying that players play an important role as poker ambassadors who promote the game. Some, like Daniel Negreanu, are simply a perfect fit for the role, while others are far from natural talents. The game needs its ambassadors, but at the same time there is no way to force people to do it. Luckily, there will always be enough of those willing to promote poker and do their best to make it attractive to those who still haven't had their taste of the game considered the favorite pastime of many.


Ivan PotockiIvan Potocki is a veteran Titan Poker player who was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and spent part of his childhood under war conditions. He studied English language and literature and discovered Texas Hold’em while in college. After working different jobs he turned to poker full time and this serves as his main source of income.


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