The Benefits of Joining a Poker Forum

Posted by Charles, May 2, 2013

poker forum

Playing in the tournaments and cash games offered at online poker rooms such as Titan Poker gives you essential gaming experience that will help you make a name for yourself in the poker community. Yet for many players, an additional interaction with peers can help take their game up a notch. Joining an online poker forum and taking part in the online poker discussions helps players improve their game, ask questions and get answers, and gain valuable poker knowledge.


What's a Poker Forum?
For those players who may not be familiar with online forums, they are expansive Internet message boards where users interact with one another by posting comments in what are called threads. These threads typically start with a single poster sharing a story or asking a question, and other members of the forum community will then comment on the post and any that follow. A poker forum, by definition, would be an online interactive message board that focuses on topics of interest to poker players.


Some of the most well-known poker forums are:

·         Two Plus Two Forum

·         CardsChat

·         Pocket Fives

·         PokerStrategy


A Powerful Resource
When you join an online poker forum, you gain access to hundreds of like-minded players, all posting their own hand scenario and providing advice. The number of scenarios you can explore in this environment is limitless. Whether you're looking for validation on a questionable lay-down or hoping to brag about that once-in-lifetime call, simply post your story in the forum, and then wait for the responses to roll in.


Admittedly, you'll need to pick and choose which strategies and comments you take to heart, as not all advice will be helpful - and neither will the commenters. Be sure to browse several threads on the forum in which you're interested to make sure the environment fits your personality and level of skill.


Hidden Benefits
Poker forums are great for more than just strategy and commentary; they're also a window into the online poker world. Whether you're learning about special bonus codes at Titan Poker or interested in participating in a private poker league, being a member of a poker community can provide you with access to a wealth of freerolls, bonuses, and other perks that can only come from true insider knowledge.


A Personal Connection

By networking with others, you'll stay connected with a large community of like-minded players at home and abroad. If you're a frequent traveler, you may even be able to join a live game with your forum friends while you're on the road. Better yet, should you make your way into a major live tournament, you could bring your own cheering section.


A Window of Opportunity
After you've been posting in the forum for a few months and have developed your voice, you may want to try your hand at writing a poker blog. Many bloggers start out as outspoken forum posters, as the environment allows them to stay in contact with an audience of poker enthusiasts that love the game enough to seek out other players' opinions and advice on the matter - the ideal demographic for a poker writer. Posting comments and creating new threads is a great way to build an audience and establish your voice as a writer, two things that can set you up for success as a blogger.

Titan Poker forum regulars will enjoy interacting on poker forums, as well as playing the cash games and tournaments in the Titan Poker software.

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