Time to Grind at World Cup and Online Poker

Posted by Adriana Teixeira, July 7, 2014

Hello vacation!! Yeah! Since I'm a teacher (when I'm not playing poker here in Brazil), I enjoy my vacations in July and then at Xmas/New Years. Being on vacation is great because it gives me time to grind away at the poker tables.

At the moment, my country is celebrating the World Cup and you can see all that energy on the streets. It's really amazing! Thinking about that and poker, and my vacation, gives me more motivation to play.

a time for poker, a time for football


I've been following some forums and I'm trying to improve my strategy at the tables. Playing some sit 'n' go multi-table turbos requires specific actions that can help you have a chance to finish in the money.

When should I move all in? What should be the percentage of the steal? At which position is it better to do that and how?

I try to play a tight aggressive game in the early stages and a loose aggressive one in the middle stages. At a certain point you have to take a risk if you want a chance to make it into the money as I was saying before. Of course, sometimes you're going to do that and make a good play but other times, just because you do doesn't mean you'll win the pot.

Sticking to your strategy is mandatory when you're grinding and can make a big difference at the end of the session.

Sometimes I ask myself if I could do anything better while I'm playing. I believe that the desire to always try to improve is felt by many other players as well.

Brazil World Cup online poker


Speaking about strategy again…

When you make it into the money stages of a tournament it's the perfect time to risk a bit more. The big money is at the final table and you have to fight to get there.

So try more races, steal even more, and don't stop! Even if you lose, the next time you will do better. When you hit the final table my advice is stay tight but not dead. Steal when you can but let your opponents kill themselves. The more they lose, the better chances you have to get more money.

Stay focused! Even though there are World Cup football matches that could distract you!

I hope these tips help you!

PS: Go Brazil!!!! J Hehehe, sorry! I couldn't help it!!! J




Adriana TeixeiraAdriana Teixeira has been playing poker since 2006. She has Portuguese citizenship but now lives in Brazil, where she was born. She became interested in poker after watching the film “Casino Royale” with her husband, who is also a poker player. She works as teacher and plays poker part time, particularly enjoying playing Omaha Hi/Lo. When she’s not playing poker, Adriana enjoys writing and reading.


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