How Do People See You as a Poker Player?

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Posted by Adriana Teixeira, January 14, 2016

Hello my friends! It’s been a long time since I last wrote, but being pregnant has been tough on me and I’ve not been able to do much more than rest and occasionally play a few games online.

I miss writing and there’s been something on my mind that reminds me of my life as a part time poker player. Actually, it has always been there and you probably have felt this as well. How do people see you as a poker player?

I suppose the world is very open-minded regarding many things, but unfortunately I think there are still many misconceptions about the game of poker. Many perceive it solely as a form of gambling.

Speaking from my own experience I can tell you that my family, for example, doesn’t see poker as anything serious. They see it as a hobby or maybe a game of luck rather than a game of skill. Most of my friends think the same way. I kind of understand this because in Brazil the conception of the game of poker as a game of skill is a new idea still pretty much in development.

When I lived in Portugal, I felt the game was much more welcome and acceptable than it is here in Brazil. Sure, Portugal is a small country and it’s not even fair to compare it with Brazil, but still the people there were more used to talking about poker and the casinos were promoting the game. In Brazil, we have some businesses which promote poker games but because casinos are not allowed, those businesses take care to operate legally. The good thing is that in Brazil, playing poker is actually legal and the game is considered a sport.

At the moment, online poker is not allowed in Portugal and they are working to legalize it. Poker games are still available in the casinos of Portugal.

As you can see, the game of poker is a bit controversial in these two countries. Because I have a bit of knowledge about this magical game, I think people should be more open to it.

I read that in the U.S. there has been research into the subject of poker as a game of skill, and this is a sign for me that the game is being taken much more seriously these days.

I’d love to see more programs discussing the skill aspects of poker, as well as more talking and action to make poker legal everywhere.

If you think about poker you will realize that it is quite a complex game. In some ways, the decisions you make in your life are very similar to those you make in poker. You have to analyze a situation; how it’s going to affect you, your friends and your family; consider how they will respond; how you will respond; what will be the possible outcomes of your decision; etc. This sounds pretty much like a hand of poker, doesn’t it?

“Life, like Poker, has an element of risk. It shouldn’t be avoided. It should be faced.” Edward Norton

I love that quote because says a lot about what poker means for me.

Tell me about your experiences! (Comment below). I hope that your poker life is running good.

Good luck at the tables and see you soon!



Adriana TeixeiraAdriana Teixeira has been playing poker since 2006. She has Portuguese citizenship but now lives in Brazil, where she was born. She became interested in poker after watching the film “Casino Royale” with her husband, who is also a poker player. She works as teacher and plays poker part time, particularly enjoying playing Omaha Hi/Lo. When she’s not playing poker, Adriana enjoys writing and reading.


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