Sunday Prime Winner Aleksey Nikolaev Talks to Us

Posted by Bradley, August 11, 2014

Sunday Prime"I have been playing poker for about 5 years, and in the last three years, poker has been my primary occupation," stated Aleksey Nikolaev from Russia. Aleksey, who plays at Titan Poker under the nickname "NkiAs", defeated 654 other starters to capture first prize in the Sunday Prime poker tournament on August 3rd, for a prize of €4,662.50.

"It's very nice that you are supporting players and monitoring the results," Aleksey said, expressing his gratitude for the congratulations and encouragement he received after his tournament win.

We spoke to Aleksey to learn how he started playing poker.

"I started with freerolls and then tried every discipline from SNGs to cash games," Aleksey told us. "In the end I settled on MTT tournaments. The tournaments fit my nature. I enjoy the spirit of competition. The huge rush of adrenaline in the later stages of the tournament is for me," he said.

huge rush of andrenaline

Aleksey spoke about winning the Sunday Prime tournament. "The turning point was the fact that once in we were in the money, and I had a relatively small stack, I began to get strong starting cards several times. I was able to double my stack by going all-in a few times, thus making my way into the top five of the tournament. Once I took the lead, I did not let go. I played more aggressively, exerted pressure on my opponents with smaller stacks. And, luck was on my side.

"Through both luck and skill, I was able to carry the tournament to the bitter end. I am very happy and I am sure there will be major victories still ahead," Aleksey said.

We asked Aleksey what his advice was for beginning poker players.

"I would recommend learning to make decisions not based on emotion but, on cold calculations. You must learn to analyze each hand. In poker, there are no little things, and most often it is the little things that are crucial.

"The most important thing is patience and exposure, without which it is difficult to achieve consistently good results in tournaments," he said.

We thanked Aleksey "NkiAs" Nikolaev for his time and wish him huge success in his future tournament play.

Aleksey Nikolaev "NkiAs" won the Sunday Prime poker tournament


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