Andrey Chvorda "Mpa3ykus" Wins in 1 Hand of Heads-Up

Posted by Bradley, August 31, 2014

saturday night tourneyIt only took one hand of heads-up play for Russian player Andrey Chvorda to win the €20,000 GTD tournament on August 16th. Andrey, who plays at Titan Poker with the nickname "Mpa3ykus", had outlasted a starting field of 288 players in the €75 buy-in freezeout event and made short work of "FeedDaGreek", his final opponent, for the win.

Andrey had previously won the same Saturday night €20,000 GTD tournament on July 26th, for the same prize.

Going into the final hand of this month's tournament, Andrey had a 5-1 advantage in chips and he was dealt K T off suit, which was better than his opponent's K 9. There were no surprises in the community cards and Andrey's king high, better kicker won the hand. For his first place finish, Andrey received a prize of €4,090.

Andrey plays online at a number of poker rooms with the "Mpa3ykus" nickname but some of his best scores have been when playing at Titan Poker. We had a chance to catch up with Andrey after his latest tournament win.

Andrey Chvorda "Mpa3ykus"

What do you do?

Andrey: Poker is my main occupation. In my free time I prefer active activities for example doing yoga or skiing.

How long have you been playing poker and how did you start?

Andrey: I started playing poker in early 2008. At first, it was on the kitchen table with my friends and we used coins instead of chips. Then I discovered online poker freerolls. From the prize I won at my first freeroll (if I remember correctly, it was about $20) I started my way in poker.

Did you use any special strategy to win the tournament?

Andrey: I'm trying to do my best in every hand.

Are there any key moments you remember from the tournament?

Andrey: I remember heads-up was only one hand long. I'm going all-in with KTo and opponent make a call with K9 and then the board didn't offer any surprises. Easy game!

What do you plan to do with your prize money?

Andrey: I have no special plans. I will play tournaments as I did before, but cheered up.

Advice to other players?

Andrey: Work hard on theory. Deep analysis of hands history is a key to success.

What feature/promotion/tournament do you really like about Titan Poker?

Andrey: Titan Poker is not the only room where I'm playing, but it is home to a big part of my daily tournaments. Titan Poker attracts a lot of players and as result offers nice prize pools.


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