Austrian Player Christian Huber "chrisu170175" Multi-Tables

Posted by Bradley, August 24, 2014

Austrian poker player Christian Huber, who plays at Titan Poker under the nickname "chrisu170175", had a very good weekend at the beginning of August. He finished 3rd in the €100K Depositor FR Series #1 freeroll, a tournament guaranteeing €20,000 in prizes as part of the  €100,000 Depositors Freeroll Series promotion. And, Christian was simultaneously playing the S.P. Sunday Special, a two-day event with over €121,000 in guaranteed prizes.

The freeroll was "the biggest freeroll I ever played," Christian told us. His 3rd place finish awarded him with a €1,300 prize. "At the same time, I played the S.P. Sunday Special and finished on Monday in 6th place for another €4,200," he said, adding, "I love Titan Poker :)"

Making the final table in a single tournament is an achievement in itself, but doing this at two tournaments while multi-tabling is something even more remarkable. The freeroll attracted 4,312 starters, while 2,675 players participated in the S.P. Sunday Special, which was staged as part of the Summer Sales promotion with a discounted €50 buy-in.

Christian Huber plays at Titan Poker under the nickname "chrisu170175"

We talked to Christian after his two tournament cashes to get insights about how multi-tabling to two final tables is even possible.

Q: You reached the final table of the Sunday Special and the €20,000 Freeroll on the same weekend. Which was a harder tournament to play, and why?

Christian: The Sunday Special was harder to play because on Monday it took a very long time to get to the final table. I had to be very patient. On the other hand, I was surprised that there were so many good players in the freeroll.

Q: Both tournaments started on Sunday afternoon = was it easy to play them simultaneously?

Christian: Yes, it was easy. When I play two tournaments with nearly the same structure in the beginning I automatically play less hands than normal.

Q: Did you use any special strategy to reach the final tables of these tournaments?

Christian: Not exactly, but I often used Harrington's "M" Zone (WSOP final table player/author Dan Harrington’s tournament poker strategy).

Q: Are there any key moments you remember from the tournaments?

Christian: In both tournaments I had the same key moment in the middle of the tournament , when I played with AA against AK and doubled my stack.

Q: What do you think about the fact that the Sunday Special is paused, and continues on Mondays?

Christian: This is very good for me, because this is the reason it's possible for me to play such a big tournament on Sunday evening.

most important thing when you start to player poker

Q: Do you also play cash games? If so, how many tables do you play simultaneously?

Christian: No.

Q: What do you plan to do with your prize money?

Christian: First I did a short trip to the Austrian mountains with my wife. The rest will be invested in poker.

Q: Do you have advice for other players?

Christian: The most important thing when you start to play poker is bankroll management.

Q: What features/promotions/tournaments do you really like about Titan Poker?

Christian: I like the Depositor Freerolls of course :). The live customer support at Titan is the best I know.


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