Romanian Poker Player Lukacs Bulcsu "Ylaya" Wins Again

Posted by Bradley, October 28, 2014

Talented Romanian poker player Lukacs Bulcsu, who plays at Titan Poker under the nickname "Ylaya", outlasted a starting field of 292 players to win the €20,000 GTD freezeout tournament on Saturday, October 18th.

In a decisive hand with fellow Titan Poker player "fubarmurphy" from Ireland, Lukacs had 4 5 offsuit up against his opponent's 6 3 offsuit, with both players tied in chips. The flop fell 6 3 2, convincing the Irish player to go all-in with two pair, and not realizing that Lukacs has just formed the winning straight. The tournament win came just one hand later.

For his first place finish, Lukacs won €4,120.42, while "fubarmurphy" was compensated with a €3,022.20 second place prize.

Lukacs Bulcsu "Ylaya"

Lukacs has appeared among out tournament winners in the past, after he won the iPOPS #3 $50,000 GP tournament in November, 2012. We talked with Lukacs again this week after his latest triumph.

1. What do you do (occupation, studies, hobbies etc?)

Lukacs: I am a biologist, mostly focusing on birds. I am 28-years-old, and I finished studies in the Romanian capitol. I also run a sanctuary for dogs, including dog shelters. In my free time, I am active in different type of sports and activities in nature such as hiking, climbing, cycling.

2. How long have you been playing poker for and how did you start?

Lukacs: About 5 years ago, I started with freerolls and promotions in the hard, poor days :P

3. Did you use any special strategy to win the tournament?

Lukacs: Not really. It is a very deep tournament, especially in the end, so I had enough time and spots to use my dirty tricks :))

4. Any key moments you remember from the tournament?

Lukacs: The final table was so tight and weak. I did nothing but raise, and they let me :)))

5. What do you plan to do with your prize money?

Lukacs: I will invite my family to a nice exotic trip somewhere in the south :P

6. Do you have any advice for other players?

Lukacs: Think twice before you made your choice and don`t forget that poker is fun, and not intended to ruin the mind and the body.

7. What feature/promotion/tournament do you really like about Titan Poker?

Lukacs: I don't really care about promotions. The Sunday tournaments are nice, and the regular €10 re-buys.

Lukacs "Ylaya" Bulcsu Wins iPOPS #3 $50,000 GP Tournament

Posted by Steven, December 5, 2012


Lukacs BulcsuWe asked Romanian Lukacs Bulcsu, who plays at Titan Poker under the nickname "Ylaya", if he employed any special strategies to win the iPOPS #3 $50,000 GP tournament last week.

“Not really, I just played my own game,” he told us. “It was a standard LAG strategy with some ‘out of line’ moves, cuz I had a good image the entire tournament. I got credit every time. Almost every hand they believed me and I had my lucky socks on me as well.”

Were there any key moments in the tournament that he remembers?

“Actually, not really. I started with a triple-up with kings; then, I had good spots. I was really lucky and missed all the coolers. I put my money in at good moments and the cards held up almost always. I don’t even remember flips in the last 3 hours. I did not have many premium cards, sets and such strong stuff so I am really happy that I won that without them.”

Lukacs told us that he considers himself a poker pro because he has no regular job at this time. He's been playing poker for about 3-4 years. How did he learn the game?

“It’s a classic story, I watched some poker shows on TV; then I started to play freerolls. I won one, then I made a little roll, and here I am.”

What is his advice to other players?

“Enjoy your winnings and stop playing poker like a robot. Have a lot of fun with this because this is a great game after all.”

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