Depending on Intuition at the Table

KentoPosted by Kento, August 27, 2015

It’s been ages since I last wrote. It’s Kento from Japan! I was unable to play poker or write a column for awhile. Now I can get back to poker. Here I am again with my latest poker column.

I’m playing an online poker tournament at a 9-player table. We’re down to 3 tables remaining, and already in the money. I have 40 big blinds. Let’s play poker!

I raise UTG+2 with AQ offsuit, which seems good to me. Everyone folds until Big Blind calls with a stack of about 35 big blinds. The players at my table haven’t changed for quite some time, so we have a bit of information about each other. My only opponent now has showed us his winning hands, including JJ 99 AJ 77, etc. There were some very weird plays along the way, as if he probably wants to say, “I’m not bluffing.” As for me, my table image is not tight but also not loose. Let’s see the flop!

The flop comes Kc Tc 8d. I don’t particularly dislike the flop, but at most I have the strongest high card with a Broadway draw. I’m a little bit worried about a flush draw but I have position. If this is used well, it may end up giving me the hand.

He checks, I make a continuation bet. He calls. He could have K, T, 8, or some draw but on pre-flop, I felt I had the best hand. I don’t think he has AK or some pair. Anyway he calls. The turn is dealt.

depending on intuitionThe turn is the 4 of hearts. It looks like a blank, at least for my hand. He checks again. What should I do? He doesn’t have a very strong hand. He has either K or T or a draw. If he has K, I don’t have too many outs, just 7 outs. In this case I shouldn’t bet, as he could call. If he raises, I won’t even see the river. If he has a T or a draw, of course he could call or raise but he could also fold. If he has a T, he’s afraid that I have JJ, QQ, AK, KQ, or KJ. He also has to look out for trips. If he has a draw, I should bet small and then big. He won’t like that. Probably he will let the hand go. As a result of considering many things, I decide to bet a surprisingly big amount. He raises! And it is a somewhat big raise.

The possibilities of what he is holding at this moment disappear. This is a raise intended to take down the hand. I have seen many like it before. He doesn’t have a K. If I have a draw, I don’t have many outs, and he doesn’t have to raise. If he has a T, it is also somewhat strange. It was a very wet flop. If he has a T and then raises, maybe on the flop, he may have a flush draw or maybe a straight draw. Also in this case, a raise would most likely have been his move already on the flop. If my thinking is correct, and he has been going on a straight draw, then he has AJ. With this as my conclusion, I call. I don’t raise because he is likely to complete his bluff on the river.

Although it is a very high-risk play, I trusted my reading 100%. Sometimes, it is intuition that determines the winner.

intuition at the poker tableThe river comes as the 3 of diamonds.

He is instantly all-in, and I call. He shows AJ offsuit, and I show my AQ offsuit. I won!

There is also another clear play later on and it resulted in my finishing 2nd in this tournament.

Playing heads-up, on a flop of Q93, I have QJ and he has QT. He went all-in and I called, but he drew a T on the turn. I lost this one, and my stack, and as a result I lost the heads-up match.

There are many times when I depend on intuition, and it usually pays off. However, there are occasionally mistakes, but in the long run, you will end up being the better player.

Thank you for reading.

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