Kento at a Live Event

Guest post by Kento, February 2, 2015

Hello, it’s Kento! Today I will talk about a tournament experience. It’s a live tourney at Rendezvous Brighton played last February. It was 400 or 500 pound buy-in main event. 80-85 people were playing. Blinds started out at 25/50 with level changes every hour. This was my first overseas poker tournament, so let’s play poker!

Kento Mori

Blinds are 100/200 with a 25 ante. I raise 525 with AKo from UTG+1. Hijack calls (he’s a player who played with Ax many times and he has only 7,000). The other players fold. Let’s see the flop.

The flop comes AK5 rainbow. It’s a very good flop! If he has AQ or AJ or something, he will probably call my bet. I’m afraid of only 55. I bet 775; he calls. I don’t feel that he has 55. It seems that he has Ax. It’s very good for me. Let’s see the turn. I hope the turn comes QJT or 5.

Turn comes 5. It’s fantastic! If he has an ace, he probably thinks it’s good for a win or tie. At the least, he doesn’t think he’s losing. This is not a flush or straight board so I could raise UTG+1 (indicating that I don’t have 5). If he has an ace, he probably hopes I don’t have 55, AA, KK, A5, K5, 65s, 54s, etc.

I think he is drawing dead, so I check on the turn. He checks back. He has checked many times before, so my guess doesn’t change, He absolutely has an ace.

The river comes 9. I move all-in. He thinks I’m bluffing or I’m trying to steal a 3000 pot with the same hand or KK, 55, or 99, but I told you he hopes I don’t have KK, 55, or 99. Some people’s hearts are weak. When I checked on the turn, he probably thought I didn’t connect so he checks back. He may think my move now is a bluff. He thinks for awhile and finally calls! I show my hand and he mucks.

That situation was very lucky. I can read his hands easily and had a good board. In such a case, I recommend you aim at all the chips of an opponent. Such a chance does not come often.

Thank you for reading.

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