Playing Poker in Vegas

Posted by Kento, January 4, 2015

Hello everyone! It’s Kento! Long time no see!

I wrote a regular column here 2 years ago for almost half a year, and now I write again.

I stayed in Las Vegas for one month last August and I had many chances to play poker so I will tell you about them. I hope you will enjoy and learn a bit to improve your poker.

Kento plays poker in Vegas

I played at a 9-player table, $2-$5 No Limit at the Aria poker room, Let’s play poker!

UTG makes a straddle bet. Who is William? I don’t know him but someone calls him William so he must be William. We played 3 days together and I think he plays well. Maybe he is a part time player. He can bluff and he can value bet with very delicate hands. He looks like a 40-year-old rocker who drinks a lot. Can you imagine him now?

UTG+1 calls; the next two players fold; the hijack calls; the cut-off folds; I call with KTs from button; SB folds; and BB calls. Let’s see the flop!

The flop comes Q T 4 rainbow, I don’t know why but everybody checks to me. They could have two picture cards or AJ or something so, it’s a little bit surprising to me.

Should I bet? Yes I should! If I bet, I am better than 99 to 55, and of course 33 and 22. If someone will call or raise, it’s ok too, I will get information and I will play the turn and river accordingly.

The pot is $52, so I bet $40. BB folds and William raises to $90! There you go, LOL.

The other player folds and I think deeply. I think it’s not a bluff. He has something that can win. I have played with him many hands so I have information about him already, and I can say his pre-flop move was very normal. So, he doesn’t have a super hand like AA KK QQ AKs, but what does he have? A good player can hide his strength by making a big move. He could have AQ KQ QJ QT Q4 T4 or possibly a straight draw at this time,

Anyway, I don’t choose to call. It’s a bad move. If I call, he will bet on the turn and river, so if I want to call, I should fold instead.

So, I raise $240. He is pretending with this hand but I can pretend AQ QT 44 too. I have position. If I re-raise he will struggle. If he calls I am in a good situation on the turn and river but if he re-raises, I fold this hand and I will play poker going forth with this information gained in this hand.

He calls within 30 seconds. Let’s see the turn!

Kento plays poker in Vegas

The turn comes 2 of clubs. No flush possibility and he insta-checks. It was a correct move to raise $240. He is absolutely afraid of my big hand, and now I can determine his hand better, He has KQ or QJ or KJ or J9. Should I bet here? I am pretending I have a big hand so I have to move very comfortably as if I have QT or 44. I don’t bet at this point. The pot is already big and I have position. I can see his move on the river first, so I check. It means "you are almost drawing dead if you have KQ or QJ so I will give you one more card, and If you have KJ or J9 and you hit the river, you will bet and I will just fold". Maybe he heard these words which I didn’t speak aloud. Let’s see the river.

The river comes K of diamond and he insta-checks again! So now his hand is QJ or KJ, and that means I should value-bet. He does not have a big hand, so, I should bet small. I bet $350, and surprisingly he insta-calls! That’s mean. He must have KJ. I show the winning KT and he mucks. I win $1200 and see the regret on his face.

If he had re-raised on the flop, he would have won on the flop but he couldn’t. Position raise is huge power! I want to say "buy the information with money." Know that if you lose this game, you will win a future game.

Thank you for reading.


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