Lautaro "lauchon33" Mayon Captures Biggest Twister Prize

Posted by Bradley, March 23, 2014

Lautaro MayonAvid poker players have been flocking to Titan Poker's Twister sit 'n' go tournaments, eager to play the three-handed turbo event as well as have a chance at winning a randomly selected jackpot prize that could be as high as 1,000 times the amount of their buy-in.

In the last few weeks, two talented Titan Poker players proved that winning the ultimate Twister prize is entirely within reason. Each of them captured a $10,000 Twister jackpot prize, after playing a $10 Twister sit 'n' go tournament.

"The super turbo structure is why you have to be more aggressive than usual" in this type of tournament, stated Lautaro "lauchon33" Mayon, one of the big Twister winners. The player, who hails from Argentina, is a long time Titan Poker veteran who represented the poker room at the 2012 Irish Open in Dublin.

Lautaro Lautaro MayonMayon won his Twister jackpot last week, turning a $10 investment into a $10,000 prize in less than 9 minutes. We asked him if he realized while he was at the tournament table, that he was also competing for a $10,000 jackpot prize.

Anything is possible

"I started to play Twister a couple of months ago, because the prize of $10,000 was very tempting," Mayon told us. "Although it was very difficult [to win the prize], anything is possible and luckily I got it."

The Argentine poker player usually spends his time playing multi-table tournaments, but was attracted to the Twister tourneys because of the huge prizes and because they are fun to play. This was the first time he had won a big Twister jackpot prize.

We asked Mayon if he employed a different poker strategy to win the Twister tournament.  "In a tournament that starts with 500 chips and has a super turbo structure, you have to be more aggressive than usual to try to get some revenue," he said.

We asked Mayon if he had any advice for other players keen on winning big prizes by playing Twister sit 'n' gos. "I have no advice," he replied, but then he did add, "Just be patient, as all of you can win the $10,000 jackpot!"

German player also wins big Twister prize

Earlier in March, player "diwo" from Germany also won a $10,000 Twister Jackpot prize. The German player informed us that he plays Twister sit 'n' go tournaments "relatively often" and that his previous biggest prize at a Twister tourney had been $60.

"When I play the Twisters, I'm always a bit more aggressive than in other types of tournaments," the German poker player told us. "I think everyone has his own poker strategy and anything can lead to success," he added.

It took "diwo" from Germany less than 18 minutes to turn his $10 buy-in at a Twister sit 'n' go tournament into a $10,000 jackpot prize.

Twister poker tournaments are available round the clock in the Titan Poker software.

Twister sit 'n' go
When you sit down to play a Twister sit 'n' go tournament, the jackpot prize is randomly selected.


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