The Unlikely Heroes of Poker

Most young people in the world dream of fame and fortune usually through becoming actors, footballers or models. Not many people dream of finding fame through playing poker, but many unexpected stars having emerged as a result of media coverage gained from their exceptional poker ability and their success in making a lot of money from winning large poker tournaments. These players would probably not be stars were it not for this poker ability; therefore they are the unexpected heroes of Poker.

Most of the well-known poker celebrities that we know through the early history of poker are players like Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar, Scotty Nguyen, and Amarillo Slim. They are the big names, but who did they play against? There were thousands if not millions of anonymous poker players from those days that never made the transition from anonymity to fame. Many did not want to; such was the inherent dangers associated with poker during the 1960s and 1970s.

Thanks to online poker and general cultural acceptance players can now legitimately become stars from being a professional poker player. Former train driver and Pool player James Akenhead from the UK has made a fortune from his brilliant performances over the last eighteen months in poker tournaments around the world. Darvin Moon, the self-employed logger from the USA, came second in the WSOP* main event in 2009 and won just over $5 million for his efforts. He became a famous poker player from total anonymity thanks to a good run in one large poker tournament.

The attraction of online poker is it can lead to anyone becoming famous. Any poker tournament could be the one to propel you to riches you never thought possible and notoriety and fame just like it did for Darvin Moon and James Akenhead. It really could be you!

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