Canadian Anthony "memph1847" Pope

Posted by Bradley, July 30, 2013


WSOP tournamentAnthony Pope from Canada, who plays under the nickname "memph1847", traveled to Las Vegas in July to represent Titan Poker in the World Series of Poker Event #60: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em. Anthony, who visits Las Vegas at least once a year, had hoped to return home this time with a WSOP bracelet. This hope was not fulfilled, but still Anthony enjoyed his Vegas stay.

We talked to Anthony about his tournament play, what it was like to stay at the Wynn Hotel, and what his future goals are.

Q: First of all, how did you do in the tournament?

Anthony: I finished around 900th place. Made it to just after the dinner break.


Q: Did you enjoy playing in the tournament?

Anthony: I had a great time in the tournament. Overall a very good experience.


Q: Do you remember any specific hands?

Anthony: One in particular stands out to me. First one I had KJo in the cut/off and raised to 250 with blinds at 50/100 and with a 9k stack. Big blind called and flop was 10 9 7. I bet 250 into 550 and he check-called. Turn was an Ace and I bet 550 and he thought for a while and check-called. River was a 5 and I bet 1225 and he thought for 3-4 minutes before calling with K10 and I lost the hand.


Q: Who eliminated you from the tournament and how?

Anthony: I don't know the guys name but he was from Australia and he was a fine player. After the dinner break I was short stacked with about 15bb and still far from the money. Blinds were 150/300 and I had less than 5k. I was in the small blind and the button raised to 700 and I shoved AJo and was called by Q10. Board ran out K 10 8 2 2.


Q: Did you have any poker celebrities or famous players at your table?

Anthony: I did not.


Q: Was this your first trip to Las Vegas?

Anthony: No I try to go at least once a year.


Q: What were your impressions of the WSOP organization?

Anthony: I think they did a great job with the tournament and the dealers were all very good. I do wish that for the smaller buy-in tournaments you started with more chips though.


Q: What were your impressions of Las Vegas?

Anthony: I really enjoy Vegas. Always love the good restaurants and enjoy the pool scene in the summer.


Q: Did you play any other poker (cash games/tournaments) while you were in Las Vegas?

Anthony: I normally play cash games while I'm out there but this time I was with my wife and did not play anything other than Event #60.


Q: What was your favorite moment in Las Vegas?

Anthony: I was hoping it would be winning my first bracelet. But haven't yet done that, so I would say just the great food and restaurants at the Wynn.


Q: What's next for your poker career?

Anthony: I'm going to keep grinding the cash games but winning a bracelet is one of my top goals.


Q: Do you have any photographs from your game play at the WSOP?

Anthony: Sorry I didn't take any photos of myself during the event. Next year I will!

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