Are Canadians the Best Poker Players?

Posted by Steven, November 22, 2012


Canadian flagMany poker players from the United States moved to Canada to continue to play after their government shut down the major online poker rooms on Black Friday. Canadian Jonathan Duhamel won the 41st World Series of Poker 2010 Event #57 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em Championship for a prize of $8,944,310. Undeniably, there’s plenty of poker talent north of the border.

Titan Poker’s Canadian players proved their skills in the $40,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A tournament, capturing three positions at the final table, and then finishing in the top two places.

A total of 187 players paid the $100 + $9 buy-in to join the action, which lasted for nearly nine hours.

“p0000cket0000” was eliminated in 8th place, when his A Q ran up against the A 9 of fellow Canadian “DosPerros” and another nine dropped on the flop. For finishing in 8th place, “p0000cket0000” received $1,410.

“Trekan6I”, a Titan Poker player from Russia, finished in 4th place for a prize of $4,112.50. After one further player was eliminated two hands later, the remaining two players set for heads-up action were both Titan Poker Canadians.

“DosPerros” had a 2-1 advantage in chips over compatriot “betsamesame” but that lead was not to last. Holding A 8, “DosPerros” pushed all-in on an unhelpful flop, but “betsamesame”, holding Q T, already had a pair of queens, and that held through the river, giving “betsamesame” the tournament lead.

“betsamesame” pushed all-in frequently through 25 more hands, trying to trap “DosPerros”. On the final hand of the tournament, “betsamesame” again bet all his chips pre-flop holding 9♠ T♠, and “DosPerros” called with A♠ 7♣. A nine on the turn sealed the victory for “betsamesame”.

First place awarded “betsamesame” with $10,199, while “DosPerros” was compensated with $7,238 in second place money.

So, does this mean that Canadians are the best online poker players? We’ll keep following them to find out.


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