Bad Beat Bonus Eases the Pain

Posted by Bradley, August 18, 2011

Bad Beat BonusThis could happen. You’re holding a wonderful pair of pocket kings. The flop delivers a third king, as well as two aces. You’ve hit a full house, so when your opponent shoves, you have no problem calling. And then the turn, the unbelievable turn, brings a fourth king! You are ecstatic. You’ve surpassed your full house by hitting quads. It’s incredible, so you go all-in, and your opponent is quick to call. And then you see his cards.

The river can’t change the fact that your opponent was holding pocket aces. Your opponent has four aces, one of the only hands that can beat your incredible kings. You can’t believe this. Why has Lady Luck abandoned you?

This could possibly be the worst bad beat you’ve ever had. It’s a poker hand you’ll long remember. You’ve lost a lot here, but wait, you can still get something from this horrible hand.

Turn to Support and claim your Bad Beat Bonus! You’ve certainly qualified, as your losing hand was four kings, and both pocket cards were used in the winning and losing hands. Soon after you’ve contacted Support letting them know about your misfortune, you’ll be compensated with a $250 Bad Beat Bonus.

That horrible hand suddenly doesn’t look so bad anymore.

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