Canadian Scores Big in First Tourney Ever

Posted by Bradley, August 29, 2011

Canadian tournament winnerIt sounds almost too good to be true. Canadian player “uwdk” registered his account on Saturday, paid $23.80 to play and win a satellite to the $35,000 GP Freezeout, and then won that tourney the very same night for a prize of $10,675.

Okay, to be completely honest, the same player originally had an account at Titan Poker in the years 2006-2007, but it had been inactive and he only set up a new account on Saturday. But the part about him winning his first satellite and then winning the main Saturday night freeezeout are entirely true.

A total of 427 players participated in the $35,000 GP Freezeout, a tournament that lasted just over ten hours. The total prize pool for the $100+$9 event was $42,700.

Going into heads-up play, “deadlift300” had a 2-1 advantage in chips over “uwdk”. A few hands later, “uwdk” had already reversed the situation. “deadlift300” was able to fight his way back and the two had nearly even stacks. A full house of nines over twos gave the Canadian the lead once again, which he was able to retain right through the end of the tournament.

On the final hand, “uwdk” was holding A3 spades, to T8 offsuit for “deadlift300”. The flop brought two spades giving the Canadian hope for a flush, but also paired up the ten and gave “deadlift300” an open-ended straight draw, and he went all-in. The king on the turn didn’t help anyone but the ace on the river gave “uwdk” his top pair and first prize. “deadlift300” had to settle for second place and $6,405.

What’s next for “uwdk”? If he was so successful on his very first day, we expect huge achievements in the weeks to come.

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