Christopher "DAMANOFSTEAL" Stock Talks WSOP

Posted by Bradley, August 4, 2013

Christopher Stock

Christopher Stock from the United Kingdom plays at Titan Poker under the nickname "DAMANOFSTEAL". In June he won a $4,000 World Series of Poker seat at a PokerStrategy freeroll tournament and he represented Titan Poker at the WSOP 2013 in Las Vegas in July. Christopher played Event #60: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em and spoke to us afterward about the tournament and his experiences in Las Vegas.

Q: First of all, how did you do in the tournament?

Christopher: I finished around 450th out of 2,541 entrants.

Q: Did you enjoy playing in the tournament?

Christopher:  It's the biggest tournament with the biggest prizepool I've ever entered and only my 2nd big live tourney after a UKIPT event so because I'm a live noob. Most of it was a new experience but I was enjoying the grind until the blinds forced me to gamble it up a bit. Following the updates knowing well known players were there playing was exciting and outlasting people like Jennifer Tilly, Fatima de Melo, Marvin Rettenmaier, Lex Veldhuis, and Pius Heinz was a boost.

Christopher Stock

Q: Do you remember any specific hands?

Christopher:  I was grinding and maintaining my stack for the early levels, winning small pots with hands like J10 and AQ. I took a bit of a hit with Jc 9c on a 8c 10c Ks blank blank board; after opponent checked to me on the river I fired as I had nothing after missing my monster draw and got called by Ace high! I then had to wait for my spots and luckily my patience paid off. I doubled with Queens then later Ace King and finally again with Aces to keep myself going. I also shoved with Jacks but everyone folded so I survived 4 all-ins which I'm obviously happy about as survival is everything in tournaments.

Q: Who eliminated you from the tournament and how?

Christopher: I was eliminated on my 5th pre-flop all-in after an aggro player raised UTG which he had been doing a lot and had been caught bluffing a lot post flop also; so it folded to me on the button and I was short with a9 so I shoved as I thought I can get this heads up against a loose player who doesn't necessarily have a hand. But the big blind re-raised and the UTG player folded as I knew he would. I sensed he didn't have anything and it turns out the big blind had woken up with Kings so good game me! My read appeared to be right about the UTG player but I ran into the big blind with a hand which is just unlucky I think.

WSOP Event #60

Q: Did you have any poker celebrities or famous players at your table?

Christopher: I found out later that the UTG player at my table who I thought was aggro was Hiren Patel who actually made the final table. He was also being railed by Mohsin Charania who kept coming to the table to check on his friend.

Q: Did you meet a lot of other players?

Christopher: My table didn't break for the whole 10-11 hours that I was there so I got to know a few players there but a lot of people busted from it and I think when I busted only 2 others of my original starting line-up were still there. The other players were mostly American with a couple from Scandinavia and one crazy Italian who raised and was priced into calling an all-in with Q3o!

Q: Was this your first trip to Las Vegas?

Christopher: Yes this was my 1st time in Vegas but luckily my brother was with me so we could explore the Strip together and go on a bar crawl, keep each other company and take photos of each other.

Christopher Stock

Q: What were your impressions of the WSOP organization?

Christopher: The pre-registration queues were quite long but luckily I had heard about this and arrived plenty of time before the tournament start time. They dealt with thousands of players in multiple different events really well in my opinion. The carnival of poker was also running nearby and everything was running smoothly in all rooms as far as I could tell.

Q: What were your impressions of Las Vegas?

Christopher: I now understand why when reading about Vegas everything claimed to be on the Strip. It is absolutely jam packed with hotels, clubs and restaurants all sitting on top of each other. Also I've never seen as many slot machines and blackjack and poker tables in my life. Many hotels also seem like small towns with shopping arcades, swimming pools, casino areas, nightclubs and gyms in them. So many events are going on all the time it's not even that big a deal when celebs or musicians are around.

Q: Did you play any other poker (cash games/tournaments) while you were in Las Vegas?

Christopher: No, I was mainly exploring, sunbathing and going to shows. If I go to Vegas again now I know where everything is and the best places to go so I would spend less time sightseeing and relaxing and more time relieving the tourists of their money!

Q: What was your favorite moment in Las Vegas?

Christopher: Watching UFC 162 was awesome. Also Penn and Teller were very good. Poker related the best was going to the ESPN main stage and railing Eli Elezra winning his bracelet and seeing Doyle Brunson on the feature table during the Main Event.

Q: What's next for your poker career?

Christopher: Travelling to new idyllic hot places playing poker is pretty sweet so I wouldn't mind qualifying for the Caribbean Poker Tour.

Christopher Stock

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