Good Weekend for Player from Belarus

Posted by Steven, August 14, 2011

Belarus flagFriday’s $60,000 Guaranteed attracted 302 starters. The tournament carried an initial buy-in of $100+$9, although some of the players were able to win their way to the tourney at low-priced satellites. Re-buys and an add-on were available, increasing the total prize pool to $64,700.

Heads up play found “oleg12345” from Belarus up against “greeeenbananaz”. The two players were nearly even in chips. With each hand, “oleg12345” managed to increase his lead until he was ahead by a 4-1 advantage. “greeeenbananaz” regained some of his stack when his queens and nines defeated the queens of “oleg12345”, and then he temporarily took the lead.

In the final hand, “oleg12345” was holding pocket sixes to his opponent’s pocket fives. The flop came 7 8 6, giving “oleg12345” a set, but also giving his opponent an open ended straight draw and hopes of staying alive in the tournament. The turn brought a second eight, and the river delivered a king, sealing the victory for “oleg12345”.

First prize in the tournament was worth $16,822 for the player from Belarus.

On Saturday night, 376 players took their seats at the $100+$9 $35,000 GP Freezeout. “oleg12345” managed to make the final table. In six-handed play, all the other players folded leaving “oleg12345” alone to contend against chipleader “OutOfNoWheeere”. “oleg12345” had pocket nines but when the fold brought 2 T 3, it gave “OutOfNoWheeere” the two pair hand that knocked “oleg12345” out of the tournament.

For his sixth place finish, “oleg12345” received $1,504, while “OutOfNoWheeere” went on to win the tournament and its first prize of $9,776.

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