Poker Player Manuel Ruivo Wins Big Friday Again

Posted by Bradley, July 7, 2014

Manuel RuivoPoker player Manuel Ruivo, who plays at Titan Poker under the nickname "eltxupacabras", has scored another big tournament win. On July 4th, he was the last man standing from a starting field of 100 players as he captured first place in the Big Friday poker tournament. Ruivo received €4,345 for his win. We had previously interviewed Ruivo after he took down the same tournament in March.

In May, Ruivo won a €1,250 Deepstack Open (DSO) 2014 seat to play at the  Gran Casino de Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar on Spain's famous Costa Brava coast. In addition, he won €15,000 by finishing 2nd in the €125,000 Sunday Special on June 15th.

We spoke to Ruivo after his recent win to hear the latest about his online poker career.

Q: Did you use any special strategy to win the tournament?

Manuel: Not really, just tried to play my A-game.

Q: Any key moments you remember from the tournament?

Manuel: I had a pretty good run in the last 2 tables and although I got bad beaten in the 1st all-in heads-up, I sucked out on the 2nd.

Q: What do you plan to do with your prize money?

Manuel: Nothing special. I will have cool summer holidays!


Don't ever give up

Q: Any advice for other players?

Maneul: Sometimes when you're on a long losing streak it may seem that no matter what you do you'll always get beaten but don't throw down the towel! Go get them. It will pay off in time.

Q: What feature/promotion/tournament do you really like about Titan Poker?

Manuel: I really like the Sunday Line-up. It has good guaranteed prizes for a wide buy-in range.

Ruivo won a €1,250 Deepstack Open (DSO) 2014 in May


Manuel Ruivo Speaks about his March Big Friday Win

Posted by Bradley, March 11, 2014

Poker player Manuel "eltxupacabras" Ruivo was one of 205 players who took their seats to compete in the Big Friday €30K GTD poker tournament on March 7th. With €30,000 in guaranteed prizes, playing this tournament is a great way to start the weekend. After hours of eliminations, there were only two players remaining at the virtual felt. Manuel was the underdog, as his final opponent, "xinkuanxio", had a 2-1 advantage in chips.

Some twenty hands later, Manuel pulled into the lead, but his opponent was able to regain the advantage for a few hands. On a game-changing hand, Manuel went all-in with pocket queens, and his opponent called with pocket tens. The queens remained solid, giving Manuel a 4-1 advantage in chips. Four hands later, his K T held out against his opponent's Q T, and he won the tournament.

For his first place finish, Manuel Ruivo received a prize of €7,142.18. His opponent was compensated with a prize of €5,068.60 for finishing in second place.

We congratulated Manuel on his big Friday tournament win and asked him a number of questions.

Q: What do you do (occupation, studies, hobbies etc?)

Manuel: I actually play poker full-time. I gave up studies when I started to make good money. In addition, I practice my boxing, skate and bodyboard.

Q: How long have you been playing poker and how did you start?

Manuel: I've been playing poker for about 4 years. I started by playing freerolls, never actually deposited money per se.

started by playing freerolls

Q: Did you use any special strategy to win the tournament?

Manuel: I just tried to play my best poker. I was patient, but at the same time I became aggressive when it was the time for that.

Q: Any key moments you remember from the tournament?

Manuel: I do remember folding pocket 8's during the last 2 tables, playing from the cutoff to the sb when I was positive he had an overpair and we didn't have that many bbs.

Q: What do you plan to do with your prize money?

Manuel: I will use it to keep playing and try to improve myself everyday

Q: Advice to other players?

Manuel: Don't give up. Work hard for your goals. Everyone can win at poker, you just have to want it badly and be willing to sacrifice yourself.

everyone can win at poker

We again congratulate Manuel Ruivo on his Big Friday €30K GTD poker tournament win and wish him huge success in the future.


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