Marvin Busts Short of Barcelona Money

Posted by Steven, August 30, 2011

Marvin Rettenmaier at EPT BarcelonaTeam Titan’s Marvin Rettenmaier had some positive things to say about his performance on Day 2 of the European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona Main Event yesterday.

life is goood!!!” he posted on Facebook after Level 11, when his stack had reached 193,000 and there were 297 players left in the tournament. He was seated at the time next to German tennis player turned poker ace Boris Becker, with whom he was “having nice conversations.”

winning every hand right now” he posted awhile later, when his stack stood at 237,000. This followed a losing streak when he went down to 120,000 after “losing every hand for an hour or so.” During that time, Marvin “value bet-folded the river and got shown the nuts” three times. Then things changed for the better when his queens beat an unfulfilled flush draw. A big loss occurred during the roller coaster ride when Marvin raised on the river only to discover that his opponent had a higher kicker when they both held three aces.

Even though Marvin was up to 250,000 when the blinds reached 1,500/3,000, he ended up on the losing side of a “tilting day of poker.”

Marvin’s stack sank to 55,000 when his AK was matched up against Dmitrij Fadeev's kings, one of which was a diamond. The flop brought three low diamonds and when an ace appeared on the turn, it was the fifth diamond to complete Fadeev’s flush.

In his final hand in the tournament, Marvin was holding pocket jacks which were better than his opponent’s pocket nines. The board brought 987 and that busted Marvin, just twenty players short of finishing in the money.

A total of 141 players remain in the EPT Barcelona Main Event from the starting field of 811, the largest tournament ever to take place in Spain. The chipleader going into Day 3 is Xavier Carruggi with 577,700 in chips.

As for Marvin, he plans to continue his Spanish grind by competing in today’s €1,000 event.

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