WSOP Main Event Player Mikolaj Zawadzki

Posted by Steven, July 23, 2013


Mikolaj ZawadzkiTitan Poker's Mikolaj "T3G3S" Zawadzki from Gdansk, Poland, finished in the money twice at the recent World Series of Poker. He finished 19th in the $1,111 No Limit Hold'em - Little One Drop (Event 58A), winning $20,931. And then in Event #62, the WSOP Main Event, Mikolaj finished 152nd out of a field of 6,352 players, winning $59,752. We congratulate Mikolaj on these stunning achievements! We recently talked to him about his Las Vegas experiences.

Q:  What was going through your mind when the bubble hit during the Main Event and you realized you were in the money?

Mikolaj: To be honest, the only thing that was on my mind, was that my fold equity just ended :).

Q: Did you ever expect to finish as high as you did?

Mikolaj: When I started the tournament, my goal was winning it, so after I was busted around 155th place, I felt only disappointment.

Q: Who eliminated you from the tournament and how?

Mikolaj: In the last three minutes of my tournament play, I lost around a 40 big blind pot, ATo against K7s. When short-stacked, I pushed all-in with pocket tens against pocket aces :(.

Q: Do you remember any other specific hands?

Mikolaj: There was one important hand on the second day, when I was dealt AQo (with stack of 100bb and the blinds were 250\500). On the flop Ac Ts 2s I called a c-bet for around 2.4k (there was 3-way on the flop, but the button folded to the c-bet). On the turn, 5c, my opponent snap-checked. I knew I was ahead, that's why I bet only 2.1k to induce a move from his side. He decided to raise to around 7k, I called. The river was Th. I was prepared to call a bet for around 14k, but my opponent, made almost twice a potsize bet - that would require my going all-in. After 3-4 minutes, I made a call to see 4d 5d :).

Q: Did you enjoy playing in the tournament?

Mikolaj: Of course. It was great :).

Q: Did you have any poker celebrities or famous players at your table?

Mikolaj: Carlos Mortensen, Randy Lew and Marvin Rettenmaier.

Q: Did you meet a lot of other players?

Mikolaj: Yes, I am very talkative person, and I met lots of poker players, and talked to them :).

Q: You also played another event and finished in the money there as well. What was that like?

Mikolaj: I played Little One Drop, I finished 19th. I made one mistake, and it cost me maybe even a title.

Q: Was this your first trip to Las Vegas?

Mikolaj: No, I was there twice before, but the first time I was there was when I was 16 years old. The second time was a year ago, of course for the Series ;)

Q: What were your impressions of the WSOP organization?

Mikolaj: The greatest thing is that there are lots of people.

Q: What were your impressions of Las Vegas?

Mikolaj: If only [Titan Poker] would be legal in Vegas, that would be a paradise for poker pros.

Q: What's next for your poker career?

Mikolaj: Next one is IPT San Remo, then the EPT series, and WSOP Europe. I hope to also get a seat for Titan's Caribbean Poker Tour ;)


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