Simpler Way to Play: Use a Poker Debit Card

Posted by Charles, June 6, 2013


poker debit card

Online poker has changed the way the game is played. Thanks to the versatility of the programming and the opportunity to play multiple tables, this new realm of poker has allowed users to expand their skills faster than ever, and all without ever leaving their home. Yet while online poker rooms have helped players across the globe step up their game over the years, it has not really taught individuals how to better handle their bankrolls. Indeed the speed and action of these virtual card rooms has inspired many players to make poor financial decisions, yet there are a few ways to better manage one's bankroll – and one of the simplest is to make deposits with a debit card.

Like You've Done this Before
Since most players who have been playing for real money at online poker sites throughout the years have probably used a credit card to finance their experience, using a debit card will likely be a familiar process. Much like with credit cards, making a deposit on a debit card poker site requires users to provide the card's number, expiration date and security code. The deposit will appear directly in your player account and most debit card poker sites, including Titan Poker, will not charge users any deposit fees - a fact that has made credit/debit cards one of the most popular forms for deposit among online gamers.

Credit? Forget it!
While these methods are largely the same from the poker site's perspective, the real difference between debit and credit cards stems from the banking sector. Indeed, when dealing with a credit card, players are looking at different rate structure that will accrue interest and deeply cut into one's bankroll over time. Debit cards, on the other hand, are drawn directly from an existing bank account, which is limited both by the amount of cash within and the amount of overdraft protection offered by the bank.

This allows players to set a safeguard for their spending not available with a credit card. By tying one's poker site account to a debit card that has a fixed limit, players can better manage their bankroll and have a more concrete means of tracking their wins and losses over time. By keeping this account separate from one's personal bank account, which should be devoted to expenses like rent, groceries and other necessities, players can be free to play as they like without worrying about their day to day.

Considerations to Keep in Mind
While it may be tempting to run out and try to make your first poker debit card deposit with Titan Poker now, it's important that you do a little research beforehand. Some countries hold significant restrictions on what can and cannot be charged on a debit card, and some banks offer different levels of protection when it comes to overages, so players should certainly be aware of what they're getting into when investing in a debit card specifically for online poker expenses.

While some users may be concerned about entering their private banking information into any website, they can rest assured that Titan Poker is passionate about protecting its players' privacy, and security remains one of the key focuses of its team of developers. In short, to play poker debit card deposits are very useful!

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