Super Showing at Super Tuesday Tourney

Posted by Steven, August 3, 2011

Super TuesdayFull house beats a straight; it’s as simple as that.

In the last hand of last night’s $30,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A tournament, “D1sAstRWeeeeE” from Luxembourg was slightly ahead and held A 7, off suit. His final opponent, “BcsBestBud” from Canada, went on the offensive, bluff raising pre-flop with 3 6 of hearts.

The flop produced an ace of hearts, as well as 4 5 of diamonds. The Canadian led out and was raised by “D1sAstRWeeeeE”, which he called. The turn brought the seven of hearts. This gave our player from Luxembourg two pairs, while the Canadian had completed his straight. But the two players only went all-in on the river, when a third ace gave “D1sAstRWeeeeE” his full house and the tournament victory.

For his first place finish, “D1sAstRWeeeeE” received $11,043, while second place was worth $6,544 for “BcsBestBud”. Completing Titan Poker’s domination of the tournament was “stentaxxiAA” from Sweden, who finished in third place for a $4,090 prize.

A total of 165 players sat down at the tournament tables to play the $30,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A, and with their re-buys and add-ons they increased the total prize pool to $40,900. The tournament, which takes place every Tuesday night at 20:45 GMT+1 with an initial buy-in of $100+$9, lasted nearly 8 hours before the Titan Poker trio finished in the top positions.

Last week, a Titan Poker player from Germany won the $30,000 GP Super Tuesday R/A tournament.

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