British Player Wins $34,500 in Sunday Special

Thomas AmblerPosted by Steven, December 19, 2013

On Sunday, December 15, 2013, British poker player Thomas Ambler, nickname: "NigdogSantos", outlasted a field of 930 starters to capture first place in the $200,000 Sunday Special. His prize for the achievement was $34,520. We sat down with Thomas and asked him questions about the tournament, his poker career, and about life in general.

Q: What do you do (occupation, studies, hobbies etc?)

Thomas: I am a former student of Sheffield Hallam University, which I graduated from last year. My hobbies include; Football, Tennis, Snooker, Golf - basically any other sport you can think of. I'm also a big fan of films of most genres, other than comedy really, which must make me sound really miserable - although I just find them all really similar in the sense they usually try too hard (which is obviously what the films are about). Don't get me wrong - comedies are all good if you find a decent one though!

As a profession, I'm currently relying on poker as my sole source of income, and have been doing so for the last couple of years now, so I guess this is currently my profession.

Q: How long have you been playing poker for and how did you start?

Thomas: I've been playing poker around 3 years now, however I have only 'dedicated' serious amounts of time to it for the past two years. It all started playing home games with a few friends. I had a couple of friends who were more experienced at playing then me at the time, who first got me playing live in the casinos. After about a year of playing live I finally decided to dive into the online world of poker thanks to a friend of mine (Trigg), putting a word in for me to an online poker staking firm whom I parted ways with around 6 months after.

Q: Did you use any special strategy to win the tournament?

Thomas: Not really. One MTT (tournament) is basically the same as the rest. Of course we all enter to win the things but let's face it: when you enter an MTT, you can't really go in with an expectation of winning. Let’s say a tournament has 1000 players - you can only expect to win this 1 in 1000 times - give or take both the skill and luck factors. I just played to the best of my ability and luckily for me the cards and the spots fell my way. There will be plenty of times in future they won't, I'm sure.

Q: Any key moments you remember from the tournament?

Thomas: There are a couple of hands which I remember fairly well but one which sticks in my mind. We were down to 18 players or so and there was a pot where someone opened MP, I 3-bet the button with X,X, the BB (D1sc0nn3ct3d - I think was his SN) cold 4-bet the BB (This exact thing happened the previous orbit) - so I flatted. Flop was A 10 8 rainbow. He c-bet between 1/3 and 1/4 pot which I called. Turn was 6x and he check-folded to my 1/5th pot bet. This was a pretty huge pot at the time and was possibly a defining moment in me winning the tournament. Also must mention I have a lot of respect for that guy based on how he played - think he played very well.

Q: What do you plan to do with your prize money?

Thomas: Nothing really, invest it to win more hopefully.

Q: Do you have any advice for other players?

Thomas: The only advice I can give which is worth reading would be to people who play MTTs (tournaments). That would be to keep your head and your 'heart' (commitment) - downswings can happen but they can be overcome - it takes time but in the end if you have an edge it should / will come to light in terms of profit if not now then certainly down the line. (I was in the midst of quite a downswing before this win - a good friend gave me that advice and helped me keep my confidence up so cheers Stefan - also thanks to Brandon, Igor, Niko, Pleno, Picken, Tom S, Callum M, Nathan D, Tom L, Scott and last but not least Naomi - were also all a big help to me during my downswing keeping me motivated!)

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