Titans Win Big as iPOPS Begins

Posted by Steven, November 26, 2012


iPOPSWinning an iPOPS tournaments is a very prestigious achievement. Even playing an iPOPS tournament carries a certain sense of accomplishment. To say one played and fought valiantly through over 200 hands of heads-up play only to ultimately end up in second place is still something to be recognized with pride, especially if the prize in such a case is $25,605.

Yesterday, 1,707 players gathered for the first tournament of iPOPS III, Titan Poker’s million dollar series. The first event was a $125 + $10 buy-in freezeout, which in the end awarded $213,375 in prizes to winning players. The action lasted 12 hours and 21 minutes, and three Titan Poker players finished in the top five places.

Short-stacked "TGk59" from Russia was eliminated in 5th place when he went up against chipleader "blackaces72" from Canada with A T against K Q. A king fell on the turn and a queen hit on the river. For his fifth place finish, "TGk59" received $9,601.87.

Next to go was "tankkke" from Argentina. "blackaces72" continued to dominate when his pair of tens confronted A K. The flop provided a second king, but the turn delivered a third ten and "tankkke" was out, for a $13,688 prize.

One hand later, "bluebla1990" busted in 3rd place when his suited K T couldn't fight off the pair of sixes held by "OMGDannyRudd". And then began more than 200 hands of heads-up play, with "blackaces72" initially in the lead.

It looked like "blackaces72" would go all the way for the iPOPS win, but in 200 hands, anything can happen. By the time hand #206 of heads-up play was dealt, "OMGDannyRudd" was firmly in control. In the final hand, "OMGDannyRudd" had the advantage with a pair of tens against the deuces held by "blackaces72". The tens held and the tournament was over. "OMGDannyRudd" won $34,141 and for his second place finish, "blackaces72" won $25,605.

The second iPOPS event will be staged tonight, and once again Titan Poker’s players will compete for the cash prizes and the glory and honor of finishing high in an iPOPS tournament.


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