Sunday Is Special for Talented Poker Players

Posted by Bradley, December 17, 2013

prize moneySunday is the biggest poker tournament day of the week at Titan Poker and this past Sunday was no exception. Titan Poker players enjoyed huge success at the biggest guaranteed prize tournaments and took home thousands of dollars in cash prizes.

"fullhouseq" from Norway outlasted a field of 126 starters to win the prestigious Sunday Masters $25,000 GTD tournament and capture its first place prize of $5,796.

Russian player "MAMOHTT" was the last man standing out of a starting field of 264 players in the $20,000 Guaranteed R/A. His prize for the achievement was $4,325.

In the day's second $20,000 Guaranteed R/A tournament, which kicked off an hour later, the winner was "Coinseeker12321" from Germany who defeated a field of 684 players and won a first place prize of $3,630.

The $25,000 Sunday Warm Up was won by "BringCabbage" (Ukraine), who defeated 337 other players and took home a prize of $5,205.

The day's biggest tournament win of all was that of "NigdogSantos" (United Kingdom), who came out the grand winner in the $200,000 Sunday Special. Outlasting a starting field of 930 players, this talented poker player won the biggest prize of the day = $34,520.

Canadian Players Demonstrate Poker Skills

Posted by Steven, September 22, 2013


Canadian poker playersTitan Poker's Canadian poker players demonstrated their game skills on Friday night, capturing many of the final table seats (and prizes) at the popular Friday $40,000 Guaranteed R/A tournament. "HeSoJaded" was the top Titan Poker scorer in the event, finishing in 3rd place for a prize of $7,186.80. Compatriot "Cronus360" had been eliminated 30 hands earlier in 4th place, good enough for a $5,406 prize.

A total of 252 players participated in the $100+$9 re-buy tournament, generating a total prize pool of $63,600. The tournament was eventually won by "jagarinteivar", with 2nd place awarded to "DickMcGee." But it was the Titan Poker Canadian delegation that made a major mark on the tournament's final table action.

canadian poker

"Tuzche" finished in 5th place for a prize of $3,688.80 and fellow Canadian "InescapableD" was out in 7th place for a prize of $2,226. A Titan Poker player from Latvia also made the final table. "LordFlvcko" was 6th in the event and won $2,862.

Third-place finisher "HeSoJaded" is well-known at online poker tournaments. He is one of the leading Canadian online poker players with over $2,000,000 in lifetime tournament wins.

Fourth-place finisher "Cronus360" is also a regular tournament winner. Earlier this year, he won the iPOPS #7H $40,000 GP, outlasting a field of 977 players in the $50+$5 freezeout to capture a first prize of $8,431.98. In January this year, “Cronus360” finished 2nd in the $200,000 Sunday Special to win a prize of $25,075.

Last week, "Tuzche" finished 3rd in the $40,000 GP High Roller Monday to capture a prize of $6,230.

Dutch Players Capture Top Sunday Positions

Posted by Bradley, June 24, 2013

Dutch flag824 players took their seats to participate in the $150,000 Sunday Special and when the dust cleared, two Titan Poker players from the Netherlands were the only ones left at the final table.

Facing off against each other were "13MASTER13" from Groningen and "nelisschuifwijk" from Vught. "nelisschuifwijk" had a 2-1 advantage in chips when heads-up play began and kept that comfortable lead for most of the 48 hands the two players played.

On the final hand of the tournament, "nelisschuifwijk" was dealt pocket jacks, and that combination easily beat the Q 8 held by his opponent which only connected with another eight on the flop.

For his first place in the tournament, "nelisschuifwijk" won $28,807.04, while "13MASTER13" was compensated with $20,929.60 for his second place finish.

Titan Poker player "Queerio" from Germany finished 7th in the tournament and won $4,944.

Saturday Success for Titan Players

Posted by Steven, April 21, 2013

$30,000 GuaranteedSaturday night poker tournament action is highlighted by the $30,000 GP Freezeout, and last night's tournament attracted 310 starters. The action lasted nearly nine hours, and when only three players were left at the final table, they were all Titan Poker players.

"LikMeSpeer" from the Netherlands was in the lead at that point, with as many chips as "nU3DOC" from Russia and "DosPerros" from Canada combined. The Canadian player kept dropping back, and was finally eliminated when pocket threes fell to the Russian's KQ after a second queen showed up on the flop.

The third place finish awarded "DosPerros" with a prize of $3,410.

Heads-up play began with "LikMeSpeer" still holding a comfortable lead. But that lead would be lost some 20 hands later when the Russian raised pre-flop with 5c Kd, and the Dutchman called with Ac Jh. The flop was 6d 4d Jc, pairing up the jack, but the Russian made a small bet which was called. The turn was the 5 of diamonds, giving "nU3DOC" a pair and a flush draw. He checked and "LikMeSpeer" made a bet, only to be re-raised all-in, which he called. The river was the ace of diamonds, completing the flush. The Russian player took a commanding lead.

Three hands later, "nU3DOC" raised with AJ offsuit, and "LikMeSpeer" re-raised all-in with pocket fours. The Russian called. A jack appeared on the flop, and yet another one of the turn, securing the tournament win for the Russian.

For his second place finish, "LikMeSpeer" won $4,495. For his tournament win, "nU3DOC" won a prize of $5,967.

Titans Continue Friday Poker Domination

Posted by Bradley, February 24, 2013

$50,000 GuaranteedJust last month a news item appeared in this column stating that five Titan Poker players had finished at the final table of the weekly Friday $50,000 Guaranteed R/A tournament. This past Friday, Titan Poker players continued with their domination of the event.

“LegitNit” from Canada outlasted a field of 273 starters to take first place, capturing a prize of $13,108.45. Second place went to “KidBrazil1” from Brazil, who won $9,615.50. Third place in the tournament was also a player from Titan Poker. Canadian “norfman” won $7.243.30 for his impressive finish.

Rounding out the Titan Poker finalists were “Xpl4Yn87” (Norway), who finished 5th and won $3,717.80; and “IgraetBarinJazz” (Moldova), who finished 6th and won $2,884.50.

On the final hand of the tournament, “LegitNit” held A 4, unsuited, against the K T of diamonds held by “KidBrazil1”. The board didn’t bring anything for either player, enabling the Canadian to walk away with the tournament victory.

The Friday $50,000 Guaranteed R/A kicks off at 20:00 GMT. Buy-ins are $100 + $9, but low-priced satellites run throughout the week.

German Wins $30,000 Gtd 2 Weeks in a Row

Posted by Bradley, February 17, 2013

$30,000 GuaranteedGerman player “DrSho” staged an incredible repeat performance in Saturday night's popular $30,000 GP Freezeout, which kicks off each week at 19:30 GMT. Just one week ago, “DrSho” outlasted a field of 326 players to win a prize of $6,275. Last night he went up against a field of 360 starters. The tournament lasted just over 11 hours and when the final table stage was reached, three Titan Poker players were still in their seats.

German player “grossvisir” was eliminated in 5th place when his A 6 went up against the A Q held by fellow Titan “DosPerros” from Canada. The board provided a pair of kings and the queen held by the Canadian was the better kicker. For his fifth place finish, “grossvisir” won $2,066.40.

“DosPerros” lasted some fifteen hands after that, and was short-stacked going up against chipleader “DrSho” with a pretty desperate 6 J. The German held a pair of nines and that was the combination that won the hand. Third place in the tournament awarded “DosPerros” with $3,960.

Heads-up play started with “DrSho” holding a 3-1 advantage in chips over his final opponent, “Ch1pstar”. The one-on-one play would last for 100 hands, with “Ch1pstar” coming from behind and the lead changing from one player to the other.

On the final hand of the tournament, the K J held by “DrSho” proved to be good against A 4, when the German was able to score two pairs. For his first place finish, “DrSho” won $6,930, while Ch1pstar” received $5,220 for finishing 2nd. It was an amazing repeat win in the prestigious Saturday night freezeout for the German player.


Five Titans at Friday’s Final Table

Posted by Steven, January 27, 2013

$50,000 GuaranteedWhat a great way to start the weekend! 234 players sat down to play the Friday $50,000 Guaranteed R/A and some seven hours later, five Titan Poker players were seated at the tournament’s final table.

Eliminated in 8th place was “tedding” from Costa Rica, who was extremely short-stacked and went all-in with pocket jacks. That was not enough when an opponent paired up kings. “tedding” received a prize of $1,584.

Next to fall was “Pkaiser” from Chile. He pushed all-in with A K, only to fall victim to a pair of queens. “Pkaiser” received the 7th place prize of $2,112.

Polish player “IrasTaManVIP” had been short-stacked for some time and finally pushed his last chips into the pot with Q T. The flop gave him hope of hitting a straight as it fell J 4 9, but nothing else helped and an opponent’s deuces won the pot. For his 5th place finish, “IrasTaManVIP” received $3,168.

“THEROUNDER888” from Portugal was third in chips when he saw that his J K found a second king on the flop. When chipleader “lillandlord” (Canada) went all-in, “THEROUNDER888” called, but his kings were not good enough to beat the Canadian’s pocket aces. “THEROUNDER888” received a 3rd place prize of $6,152.

Going into heads-up play, “lillandlord” was ahead in chips but it would take him over 20 hands to finish off "MyNameisMyName", his final opponent. On the last hand of the tournament, the Canadian’s pocket kings defeated pocket eights. “lillandlord” won first place honors and a prize of $11,457.

The Friday $50,000 Guaranteed R/A plays on Friday nights at 20:00 GMT. Buy-ins are $100 + $9, but low-priced satellites run throughout the week.

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