Titan Poker's Weekend Power Hours

Weekend Poker Hours

Earn up to 50% Extra Points Every Weekend this month!

Receive up to 50% EXTRA Points during our Weekend Power Hours all this month.

Do you multi-table? Earn even more! Every cash game session counts toward the Power Hour bonus. For example, if you play for 2 hours or more at 3 cash tables simultaneously, you will earn 50% extra Points for all the Titan Points accumulated in each of the sessions.

Cash Game Session Duration Points Boost
1 - 2 Hour Session 20% Extra Points
Longer than 2 Hour Session 50% Extra Points

Opt in to participate or click here to create a Titan Poker account.

To see how long your cash game session has been, simply check the duration by clicking on Stats > More in the software.

Player Statistics

You can check the points you've accumulated after the cash game session ended by visiting My Account > Cash Table History in the software.

Cash Table History


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Power Hours are valid from Saturday at 00:00 to Sunday at 23:59, Server time.
  2. Power Hours are valid only for all cash game tables, including speed tables.
  3. For the purposes of this promotion, a cash game session is defined as the continuous time a player is seated at a specific cash game. For example, if a player sits down at a $0.10/$0.20 cash table and plays for 60 minutes without leaving the table, this is considered a 1 hour session. To clarify, if a player sits at a table and plays for 60 minutes, leaves that table to sit down at another table for 60 minutes' play, this constitutes two one-hour sessions and is not considered a two-hour session.
  4. Extra Points generated during Power Hours will be issued on Mondays.
  5. Extra Power Hour Points do not count towards clearing bonuses.
  6. Extra Power Hour Points are not considered for VIP level monthly requirements.
  7. Players are required to OPT IN to this promotion every month in order to be eligible for points boosts.
  8. Interrupted cash game sessions do not count towards this promotion. A cash game session must be played to completion in order for its participating players to be eligible for extra Points.
  9. Players caught soft playing or colluding for the sole purpose of abusing this promotion, will have their accounts frozen and will not be eligible for prizes won in this promotion.
  10. Titan Poker has the right to amend/cancel the promotion at its sole discretion at any given time.
  11. All decisions made by Titan Poker management are final.

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