Grind for Glory

Grind for Glory

Grind your way to a bonus of up to $200!

Reach your monthly Points target by earning at least one Point per day!

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Grind your way to glory and a bonus of up to $200!

You'll want to join our Speed Poker Grinder Trials and the only question is, how much prize money will you win? Reach your monthly Points target by earning at least one Point per day from October 1st - 31st to get your cash, pending bonus and tourney tokens!

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To take part in the challenge, create a Titan Poker account and OPT IN:

Poker Grinder Trials

Earn at least one Point per day to reach your total target amount in order to receive your bonuses. A total of ten bonus targets are available, and the more Points you earn throughout the month, the higher the bonus you’ll qualify for.

Track how close you are to achieving your target on the Check Your Status page.


Level Total Points Target # Active Days Instant Cash Pending Bonus Tournament Token*
1 10 10 -   $1,000 Freeroll Entry
2 20 20 - - 2 x $1,000 Freeroll Entries (MET)
3 300 10 $0.5 $5 3 x $1,000 Freeroll Entries (MET)
4 450 15 $1 $5 3 x $1,000 Freeroll Entries (MET)
5 1500 10 $5 $5 3 x $1,000 Freeroll Entries (MET)
6 2250 15 $10 $10 3 x $1,000 Freeroll Entries (MET)
7 4000 10 $15 $15 3 x $1,000 Freeroll Entries (MET)
8 6000 15 $25 $25 3 x $1,000 Freeroll Entries (MET)
9 10000 10 $50 $75 3 x $1,000 Freeroll Entries (MET)
10 15000 15 $100 $100 3 x $1,000 Freeroll Entries (MET)

* The $1,000 Grind for Glory Freeroll can be found in the software under the 'Special Offers' tab.

The $1,000 Grind for Glory Freeroll for the eligibility period in September will be held on October 2 at 20:00 GMT. The $1,000 Grind for Glory Freeroll for the eligibility period in October will be held on November 3 at 20:00 GMT.


Release Your Pending Bonus

After you qualify and reach your target, part of your total bonus will be awarded as cash and automatically credited to your account, while the remaining bonus will be released as you earn Points during the bonus clearing period.

For every day you earn a Point during the period of Active Days, you will have a day to clear your bonus money!



Terms and Conditions

1. Only Points accumulated on Speed Poker tables will count towards this promotion.

2. Points accumulated in Speed Poker are considered only after a player leaves the table.

3. Players must OPT IN to “Grind for Glory” in order to be eligible to receive prizes. 

4. Players must generate the required minimum Point targets for at least 10/15 or 20 days from October 1st - 31st in order to be eligible for prizes.

5. Players do not need to achieve the targets in consecutive days, but rather during the course of the promotional period.

6. Players are required to earn at least one Point per day, to be considered eligible for this promotion.

7. Prizes will be awarded in the form of a cash bonus, pending bonus and tournament token. The prizes will be issued up to 72 hours following the completion of the promotion.

8. Each player’s total pending bonus amount is based on the number of Points they earn during the promotional period. Players can only earn one of the ten total bonus amounts.

9. Every day a player earns a Point during the Active Days period corresponds directly to the number of days they will subsequently have to clear their bonus from the first day of the bonus clearing period.

For example, if you earn one or more Point(s) on 10 separate days you will have the first 10 days of the bonus clearing period – taking place between October 1-31, 2014 to release your full bonus.

10. Pending bonuses can be redeemed as you play on the tables:

Bonus Amount Bonus Amount Released Points Per Release
$5 $5 250
$10 $5 250
$15 $5 250
$25 $5 250
$75 $5 250
$100 $10 500

11. Bonus Points earned during other promotions, such as Happy Hour, do not count towards qualifying or releasing this bonus.

12. Player’s daily Points totals and rankings will be updated once per day on the website.

13. Players with an active pending bonus will only be able to redeem their new pending bonus once the previous bonus is redeemed or expires.

14. Tournament tokens to the $1,000 Grind for Glory freeroll will be issued on November 2nd, 2014 in time for the tournament on November 3rd at 20:00 GMT.

15. The freeroll is a Speed Poker tournament.

16. Tournament tokens cannot be exchanged for cash or any other promotion.

17. Tournament tokens will expire 3 months after issue.

18. Titan Poker reserves the right to amend and/or end this promotion at any time.

19. All decisions made by Titan Poker are final.

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