Ready, Sit, Go!

Ready, Sit, Go!

Over $16,000 in Monthly Prizes

Race against other SNG players for a share of over $4,000 in prizes every week.

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*This promotion is no longer available, but check out all our current promotions that you can participate in.


Conquer the SNG Leaderboards

Ready, set, go hit the SNG tables and rack up as many top finishes as you can!

Opt-in and collect points when you place high at SNG tables. The higher the finish, the more points you earn. Use your points to race against other SNG players in your buy-in level, and score the largest share of over $4,000 in weekly prizes.

You've got questions? We've got answers!
Who is eligible? Any Titan Poker player who opts-in (players are required to opt-in each month).
What do I do? Compete in SNG tables and collect points for finishing in high positions. Use these points to race up the Ready, Sit, Go! Leaderboards. The better you play, the higher you rank! See the Leaderboard Points Earnings table for the exact breakdown of points per position according to SNG tournament type.
How long do I have? The Ready, Sit, Go! promotional week runs from Monday (0:00 GMT) through Sunday (23:59 GMT).
What can I win? Over $4,000 in combined weekly prizes will be awarded between the 3 leaderboards. That's over $16,000 in prizes awarded every month!
Why are there 3 Leaderboards? Ready, Sit, Go! provides a leaderboard for players of all bankroll sizes. The High, Medium, and Low Leaderboards are segmented by the buy-in amount of the SNG table where the points were awarded. The higher the buy-in, the bigger the prizes! See the table below for more information about the leaderboards.

Ready, Sit, Go! Leaderboards

Leaderboards Prize Pool Buy-in Previous Results
Low Leaderboard $1,305 €0.40* - €7.50 March 7th - 13th
Medium Leaderboard $1,325 €7.51 - €25 March 7th - 13th
High Leaderboard $1,380 €25.01 and up March 7th - 13th

*Please note, as of the 22nd of February the minimum buy-in of Sit 'N' Go's for the Ready, Sit, Go! promotion will be €0.40.


Leaderboard Points Earnings

SNG Table Type
Final Position
2 Handed Heads Up Double-Up (of any size) 3 Handed 4 Handed 6 Handed 9 Handed & 10 Handed 12 Handed 18 Handed
1 4 Points 4 Points* 6 Points 8 Points 10 Points 15 Points 20 Points 25 Points
2 0 Points   2 Points 4 Points 6 Points 9 Points 10 Points 15 Points
3         4 Points 6 Points 8 Points 10 Points
4         2 Points 5 Points 6 Points 8 Points
5           4 Points 5 Points 7 Points
6   *half of the players get 4 Points       2 Points 4 Points 6 Points
7           3 Points 5 Points
8             4 Points


Payout Structure According to Leaderboard

Low Leaderboard Medium Leaderboard High Leaderboard
Place Prize Place Prize Place Prize
1 $150 1 $200 1 $350
2 $100 2 $160 2 $270
3 $85 3 $130 3 $200
4 $70 4 $100 4 $150
5-6 $60 5-6 $80 5 $100
7-8 $50 7 $70 6 $80
9-10 $40 8 $60 7 $70
11-15 $30 9-10 $50 8 $60
16-20 $25 11 $45 9-10 $50
21-25 $20 12 $40    
26-30 $15 13 $35    
31-40 $10 14-15 $30    
41-50 $5 16-17 $25    
    18-19 $20    
    20-22 $15    
    23-25 $10    



Ready, Sit, Go! Terms and Conditions

1. The Ready, Sit, Go! promotion consists of weekly leaderboard races taking place every Monday  (00:00 GMT) to Sunday (23:59 GMT).

2. Updates to the leaderboards will be done automatically approximately every 30 minutes.

3. Cash prizes will be issued to players within 72 hours after the promotion's conclusion.

4. Players are required to login to their account within 60 days of receiving their cash prize. Failure to do so will result in the expiration of the prize.

5. Only Sit 'N' Go tournament types shown in the Leaderboard Points Earnings table above are included in this promotion.

6. Players must opt-in to participate in this promotion. Once you opt-in, you are eligible to win prizes every month during the duration of the promotion.

7. Players that have opted in after the conclusion of previous races during the promotional month will not be eligible for the prizes of the previous races.

8. In the case of a tie between two or more players in the final leaderboard, rankings will be determined according to the number of tournaments played during the promotional period with the highest ranking awarded to the player who played the least amount of tournaments.

9. Interrupted tournaments are not included in this promotion. A tournament must be played to completion in order for its participating players to be eligible for leaderboard points.

10. Sit 'N' Go tournaments included in this promotion are based on their end time. Tournaments that started prior to the end time of the promotional period yet finished after the end time, will not count towards the leaderboard results.

11. Titan Poker reserves the right to refuse payment to any player which is found colluding.

12. Titan Poker may amend/cancel the promotion at its sole discretion at any given time.

13. All decisions made by Titan Poker are final.

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Please contact our customer service team at support [at] titanpoker [dot] com for more information.

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