Team Titan Bounty

Titan Poker would like to introduce our new pro Team Titan and invite you to take a chance at beating them in the upcoming ECOOP VI events.

The 7 Team Titan members will be playing at 7 different ECOOP VI events for total of $11,000 worth of bounties!!! This gives you a chance to take more than the huge guaranteed ECOOP VI tournaments prizes.

Team Titan pro and captain Sorel Mizzi will be playing the first ECOOP event - ECOOP VI #1 $250,000 GP and you have the chance to try and eliminate him for $5,000 bounty prize!

Full bounty schedule for ECOOP VI events:

Bounty schedule:

Team Member Nickname Date Event Bounty Prize Bounty Winner
Sorel Mizzi Imper1um 24 May ECOOP VI #1 $250,000 GP $5,000 MarkusOwnH87
Jonas Klausen JonasKlausen 26 May ECOOP VI #3 $200,000 GP Trb $1,000
Samuel Trickett Lloydstsb 27 May ECOOP VI #4 $350,000 GP $1,000
Yann Brosolo LastChance11 30 May ECOOP VI #7 $500,000 GP $1,000
Marvin Rettenmaier xcrash154 31 May ECOOP VI #8 $500,000 GP $1,000
Joël Benzinou joben19 2 June ECOOP VI #10 $250,000 GP 6 Max $1,000
Florian Desgouttes freraata 4 June ECOOP VI #12 $300,000 R/A $1,000

Are you ready to go hunting?

Terms and conditions:

1. In the event of multiple pots involving the knockout of a Bounty, the winner of the pot that ultimately knocks out the Bounty, will be awarded the Bounty prize

2. In the event of multiple winners in a pot involving the knockout of a Bounty, the winners of that pot will split the Bounty prize.

3. Only Titan Poker players are eligible for bounty prizes.

4. In a Re buy / add on tournaments the prize will be awarded only to the players that eliminates the bounty player from the tournament (if the bounty player decides to re buy when he is out of chips it doesn’t qualify as elimination)

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