Super Tuesday Win for Sam "JstLikeThat101" Dearman

Posted by Bradley, July 30, 2014

Going into heads-up play in the Super Tuesday tournament on July 15th, Sam Dearman (UK), who plays at Titan Poker under the nickname "JstLikeThat101", had a 4-1 chip lead over his final opponent. There had been 160 players in the starting field of the €75 re-buy event, and only "BIGBLACKPOKE" stood in the way of a first place finish.

But a chip lead does not guarantee a quick victory. It took 66 hands of one-on-one poker before the final cards were dealt. "JstLikeThat101", who was ahead at this point by a 3-1 margin, despite having lost the lead at one time, raised with an unsuited K 6. "BIGBLACKPOKE" called all-in on a pair of sixes.

The flop came Js 9h Qs. When the ten of diamonds fell on the turn, giving "JstLikeThat101" a straight, his tournament win was sealed. For his first place finish, "JstLikeThat101" received €6,056, while "BIGBLACKPOKE" was compensated with €4,250 for second place.

Sam Dearman poker player from the UK "JstLikeThat101"

"I entered the final table 2nd or 3rd in chips," Dearman told us after the win, "but I was badly crippled and went down to 10bbs with 8 players left in a blind vs. blind spot where I held Q3s on AQ3 flop vs. opponent's AQ. I subsequently won a crucial flip with 44 vs. AK when I bluff 4-bet shoved vs. an opponent who has been 3-betting me in position a few times. The pair held and I was back in contention."

Dearman said he didn't use any special strategy to win the tournament, but instead "just focused on spotting exploitable traits in my opponents and playing my hands the best I could."

Dearman, who is 25-years old, first played poker in 2006 and has been a professional player since 2009.

"I plan to play more MTTs with the prize money in the hope that I can win the Sunday Special or Sunday Prime one day!" he told us.

We asked him what advice he can give to other players.

"MTT poker is all about understanding the right spots to play aggressively and being able to change gears correctly in relation to table dynamics and the stage of the tournament. Being able to identify when to attempt to steal the blinds and antes is important, particularly in medium to short stack poker.

"Try not to autopilot decisions - poker is more fun and profitable when you give it some thought and are creative with your play," he told us.


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