Titan Poker Team - Jan Bjoersland

Name: Jan Bjoersland


Country: Norway

Jan Bjoersland likes to play poker and different games (pool, pinball, darts and other amusement games). He also enjoys fishing, exercising, traveling around the world and cooking. Jan has also recorded two CD's with his own music under the name "Chameleo".

Well done! You're officially a Titan Poker Team member! How do you feel?

This is just an amazing feeling and difficult to describe. Hour after hour of playing online and representing Titan Poker in London, Austria and Monte Carlo this year has paid off. This is a chance of a lifetime and I will do my very best to make Titan Poker proud of my efforts. I would also like to thank Titan Poker for this opportunity to play against some of the best players in the world.

What is your current occupation?

I work in the administration at The Norwegian Parliament.

What is your educational background?

3 years at college and 1 year with higher education within the IT sector.

How long have you been playing poker for (both live and online) and how did you get started?

I've played for 3 years now. Mostly online, but also in some live events in Europe. I've always liked to play cards, but I guess it started after watching various poker shows on TV and once I tried it I got addicted. Pushing all in with pocket rockets is an adrenaline rush!

What is your biggest win so far (live or online)?

My biggest win is €20,000 for finishing 86th out 925 players in the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo in April/May 2009.

What's your poker philosophy?

Without revealing all of my secrets I can honestly say that poker is a game of patience. Hang on to your last chips and don't give up before they're gone. Stay calm, focused and find your spot to double up and you're back in the game.

What's your life philosophy?

Appreciate every single day. Make the most out of it and live in the moment. Life is too short to be wasted.

How would you describe yourself?

Let's see... I am determined and work very hard to reach my goals. I believe that every single person is the keeper of their own key to success and happiness. I would think that my friends and family will describe me as cheerful, positive, open minded, honest and a tough player to beat at the poker table.

What's your favorite music/movie?

Difficult question. My favorite movie of all times has to be "The Blues Brothers". John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd on their quest to make $5,000 to save their local church. Music - I think I would have to go with the "Blues Brothers" soundtrack.

Which poker player do you aspire to be most like and why?

"Kid Poker" alias Daniel Negreanu. Besides for being a great poker player and one of the most succesful tournament players ever, he also seems like a really nice guy with good manners and humor at the poker table. Poker is a social game and I think it's important to try and create a good atmosphere when you're playing live tournaments.

Which tournament/country is first on your list as a new Titan Team member and why?

My first tournament will be the ECPokertour in Malta from the 12th-15th of November hosted by Titan Poker. Since I live in Norway and the winter kicks off in November it would be nice to visit Malta and enjoy the sun for a few days.

What do you plan to do with the prize money from each tournament (if you win)?

Buy 1 Ferrari and 1 Lamborghini....just kidding. I'll be spending some of the winnings on playing bigger tournaments online and live, but also make sure to deposit some money to my savings account.

Any advice to other players hoping to be a part of the Titan Team?

The secret behind being a successfull poker player consists of several factors and here's a few of them: *Pay close attention to the other players and the action at the table even though you're not playing the hand yourself. *Sometimes you have to play the player and not the cards. *Playing aggressive in position is extremely important. *Don't splash around with your chips on poor starting hands in hope of getting lucky. *You have to be determined to win and study poker books, read forums and discuss hands you play with your friends. *Accept that bad beats is a part of the game. It happens to everyone and will not go on forever. *Think positive and fight for your last chip. Patience is the name of the game. *Experience. It takes a long time to become a winning player, but everyone has a chance of being a part of the Titan Team. Next time it might be you!

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