Titan Poker Team - Massimiliano Tamburini

Name: Massimiliano Tamburini

Country: Italy

City: Rome

Massimiliano Tamburini hails from the ancient capitol of the world, Rome. When not focusing on tournament play in poker, he is either playing tennis, bicycle riding or wine tasting.

Well done! You're officially a Titan Poker Team member! How do you feel?

I am very happy because I believe that Titan Poker is one of the most trustful poker rooms on the web.

What is your occupation?

Business Consultant

How long have you been playing poker for (both live and online) and how did you get started?

5 years ago online and 3 years ago live.

What is your biggest win so far (live or online)?

Online: 6th place in the $100,000 Guaranteed in November 2008 prize $6,500; Live: 17th place Irish Open 2008 prize €18,000.

What is your poker philosophy?

I like to play tournaments more than cash tables. I am quite aggressive and I respect the competitors.

What is your life philosophy?

Respect and loyalty.

How would you describe yourself?

Very quiet and always thinking.

What is your favorite music/movie?

Music: Lucio Battisti songs (all); Movie: Gladiator

Which poker player do you aspire to be most like and why?

Phil Hellmuth for his temperamental, "poker brat" personality .

Which tournament/country is first on your list as a new Titan Team member and why?

Malta ECpokerTour 2009 because it is a big event.

What do you plan to do with the prize money from each tournament (if you win)?

Travel, a long trip in Australia.

Any advice to other players hoping to be a part of the Titan Team?

To play thinking about your possibilities and not to base too much on luck.

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