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Slobodan Savic

Name: Slobodan Savic

Croatian Flag

Country: Croatia

Slobodan Savic's hobbies include chess, sailing, playing golf, programming, reading books and traveling. He is an avid blogger and already has blogging experience with Titan Casino Blog.

Well done! You're officially a Titan Poker Team member! How do you feel?

I feel fantastic. I am honored that Titan poker has called me on to the team.

What is your educational background and occupation?

I studied physics at university. I am a programmer.

How long have you been playing poker for (both live and online) and how did you get started

I have been playing poker for 4 years. I got interested while watching a poker tournament on TV while eating in a restaurant. I started with play money and after 2 months when I got bored, I started to play real money games with a $20 bankroll.

What is your biggest win so far (live or online)?

Online : $30,000. Live : €15,000.

What is your poker philosophy?

When you are in doubt and don’t know what to do, then maybe you should re-raise.

What is your life philosophy?

Don’t worry be happy.

How would you describe yourself?

I am a very competitive guy. I love all card games. I am bit of a perfectionist – everything I do I try my best.

What is your favorite music/movie?

I am a Clint Eastwood fan. I love all of his movies.

Which poker player do you aspire to be most like and why?

Maybe Daniel Negreanu because of his showmanship and more importantly poker skill (small ball game).

Which tournament/country is first on your list as a new Titan Team member and why?

When I play live events, I try to have fun and see as much of a country as possible. I always stay a little longer as a vacation. So I would like to play in Spain and Italy because those are great places to go as a tourist. Outside of Europe, perhaps the PCA Bahamas. And of course, the place where every poker player wants to go - the WSOP.

What do you plan to do with the prize money from each tournament (if you win)?

If I win, half of the winnings goes to my bankroll to play more expensive games, and half goes to my investment fund (into stocks probably).

Any advice to other players hoping to be a part of the Titan Team?

Yes. I have one piece of important advice - don’t get me at your table because it will not be good for your bankroll.

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