This Kid Called Lonely

Lee DavyGuest Post by Lee Davy, March 27, 2014

We all know a kid called Lonely.

Lonely is the kid who throws the bed covers over his head and squeezes the pillowcase over his ears to drown out the sound of the squabbling downstairs.

Lonely is the kid glued against the gym wall as the team captains pick their teams, and who then spends the next 30-minutes hoping he'll never receive the ball, and recedes into the shadows when he does?

kid called lonely

Lonely is the kid who wasn’t chosen to attend the special birthday party because there were only three seats in the back of the car; the child who would hide and nobody would seek; the kid would wait patiently behind the door that never knocked.

Lonely drew stares because he was the last to grow hairs and had a face full of spots that turned his stomach into knots.

Lonely is the one whose butterflies fluttered at the sight of the girl who could never be his, or the girl whose boyfriend sees her shapely thighs and breasts and never notices her heart.

Lonely is the kid who just can’t get that grade, who keeps getting played, and goes through life feeling dismayed.

Lonely is the young man who eats on his own on the first day of his new job, and has nobody to ask questions and what not.

Lonely is the man who gets divorced, leaves the home and waves goodbye to his children. He sleeps in a cold bed, stares at four walls and listens to the silence.

Have you ever screamed silently from the top of your lungs?

Lonely has.

Shards of glass reveal the face of loneliness.

We all know it, we all see it, and we all feel it and we all are it.

lonely poker player

Lonely is the kid who one day finds online poker. He gets good at it. His fingers dance around the keyboard and the money tumbles. He hides behind an avatar and communicates via chat. Things start to feel a little different. The heart begins to warm.

Suddenly there is meaning.

If this avatar was standing against the gym wall, I bet he would be picked first.

The avatar goes onto poker forums and searches for companionship the only way he knows how. He picks out other lonely people and prods and pokes them with red-hot knives. Ridicule and abuse. Differing opinions shot down like flaming bolts from an angry night sky.

As the keyboard ballet gets ever more intricate, his loneliness is filled with money. He is adorned by a legion of fans he has never even seen. He is interviewed via Skype by media outlets that want to sell his story to the world.

Have we done it?

Have we conquered our loneliness with achievement?

You stop for a moment and listen to your heart.

It beats.

It bumps.

What is it telling you?

There is an ache followed by a silent scream.

It’s still there.

Lonely is the kid who has a bigger bank balance, bigger ego and a bigger hole in a heart that already resembled Swiss cheese.

So how do I cure this kid called Lonely?

lonely guy

Get out of the house; fall in love with the world. Step out from behind the shadow of your avatar and seek out flesh and blood. It’s much warmer than the cold sheen of your walls.

Let people see the glassiness of your eyes. Those big alluring eyes. They are the gateways to that precious place. Find community, not so your loneliness can get lost in the sanctity of numbers, but so you can find another kid called Lonely with whom you can share your pain.

Online poker brings so much happiness. It tickles your heart, and as you tickle online poker’s buttons, online poker tickles yours right back.

But you need to search for balance so the wonder of online poker doesn’t consume you. That it doesn’t eat you alive. Seek out like-minded people who share your loneliness. Travel with them, eat with them, listen to them and talk to them.

online poker brings so much happiness

Brush off that pasty white skin and let the sun's rays smother you with heat. Dive into the ocean and feel the water enter your mouth with the taste of a sea of tears.

Link arms with your new friends and stand tall and proud against the gym wall.


Hold hands.

Hold a stare.




Find the courage to share your vulnerability.

Be the first to show them this kid called Lonely, and then perhaps this kid won’t be lonely anymore.


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