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What's the best way to get updated about Titan Poker's promotions and tournaments? How can you learn about the latest news articles and guest posts posted on the Titan Poker website and the Titan Poker Blog? Where can you get information about players who have won the online poker tournaments taking place in the Titan Poker software?

If you're a fan of Titan Poker on Facebook, that's just fine, but there's an even better place where you can keep abreast of everything Titan Poker. Become a follower of the official Titan Poker Twitter account for a steady stream of tweets that will inform you of the latest news, as well as provide you with links to fascinating articles about poker players and poker strategy.

Click here to follow Titan Poker on Twitter. Titan Poker's handle on Twitter is the easily identifiable @titan_poker.

Titan Poker tweets

Are you unfamiliar with Twitter? Do you even know what constitutes a tweet, let alone a poker tweet?

Twitter is an online social networking service in which users send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". A poker tweet is therefore a tweet that deals with the game of poker. On the Twitter network, users follow other users. The more people you follow, the more tweets you will see in your feed.

It is also possible to post pictures to Twitter, as well as to include links to websites, articles, and news in your tweets. Due to the 140 character limitation, in many cases the URLs of interesting articles that you wish to share with your Twitter followers is shortened.

Titan Poker tweets

Followers of the Titan Poker Twitter account will never be spammed with too many poker tweets, as only a certain number of news items and links are tweeted every day. Followers are encouraged to re-tweet these tweets, or in other words, to share them with their own followers. It is also possible in Twitter to "favorite" a specific tweet, giving the sender an indication that you "like" it.

You probably just noted several similarities to Facebook, and that is because Twitter is a popular social network. It's one thing to tweet, but quite another to share the tweets of the users that you follow.

And one last note about how Twitter is being regarded in the modern, networked world. Many people, including journalists, turn to Twitter for news-breaking tweets and to get first hand information for on-the-scene sources. Politicians use the program to communicate with their constituents and potential voters.

If you love the game of poker, it's really worth your while to follow Titan Poker on Twitter. Stay up-to-date on all things poker by being one of Titan Poker's Twitter followers.

Titan Poker tweets

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