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March 2009

Titan Team member Jordan McAllister returned home to compete in his second live tournament at the Casino Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. This is his reflection of the event.

Day 1

I was in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada playing in two Freezeout tournaments. The first one was a $550 Buy-in and had about 400 players competing. In the first tournament I played tight for the first few blind structures and began to loosen up as the blinds got bigger. Around ten hours in I was relatively short stacked. We were about twenty people away from the money and I had four to five big blinds. I decided to push late position with JQ of hearts and got caught by Aces. I didn't really see a point in trying to grind it out until the money, I was playing for the win and it didn't work out.

Day 2

The next day I played in the $1100 Main Event Freezeout and there were 240 competitors. Four hours in I had a commanding chip lead at my table. The table I was at for most of the day played really tight so I took down a lot of pots with a raise pre-flop other than a continuation bet. I lost about half my stack when my pocket Jacks got busted by pocket Aces on a AJ3 flop. There was no chance of getting away from that one. About twelve hours into the tournament we were down to the bubble. I made it into the money with an average stack but lost a huge pot with nines and went out in seventeenth place and cashing in for $3,000.

Thanks again to Titan Poker for giving me the chance to play in this tournament.

Titan Poker congratulates you on an excellent performance and thanks you for a great tournament. See you at the next one!

Read Jordan's February EPT Copenhagen 2009 Blog

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