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February 2009

Titan Team member Jordan McAllister travelled all the way from his home town of Portage la Prairie, Canada to compete at the EPT Copenhagen in Denmark. This is his reflection of the event.

I was in Copenhagen, Denmark from the 15th of February until the 22nd to compete in the European Poker Tour. I decided to play on day 1-A with a fellow Titan Team member. Having the advantage of hindsight, I now relize that playing on day1-B would have been a smarter decision. After traveling such a long distance from my home country of Canada, I was sleep deprived and could not really adjust to the time difference.

I started the day off well. I was up to 17,000 chips going into the 4th level. Right before lunch I got bluffed off a big pot which put me down to around 8,000 chips. After two hours of not really seeing much action, I tried to steal a large pot pre-flop with fives and got caught by aces.

Overall it was a good experience. The tournament was well-run and the players were of the highest caliber. Thank you Titan Poker for giving me this great opportunity.

Jordan McAllister

Jordan outside the Copenhagen Casino.

Titan Poker congratulates you on an excellent performance and thanks you for a great tournament. See you at the next one!

Read Jordan's March Casino Regina 2009 Blog

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