Titan Poker Players at Aussie Millions 2008

Here is the story of the delegation of Titan Poker's poker players that participated in the Aussie Millions tournament staged in Melbourne, Australia, in January 2008.

January 17, 2008: The Last Player Is Out

Cedric Segato of France has been eliminated from the Aussie Millions tournament. As reported by PokerNews, "Cedric Segato moved all in with A-Q and he was called by Kenna James' K-K. James' kings held up and he busted Segato."

Cedric was the last Titan Poker player remaining in the tournament, and we congratulate him for his excellent game play!

We salute our delegation of fine poker players. Perhaps next time you will represent Titan Poker at the Aussie Millions!

January 17, 2008: Day 2 Action

Most recent update from the poker action on Day 2: Cedric Segato from France is doing well, with more than 100,000 in chips. Last report had Sebastiaan van Kempen from The Netherlands still in as well.

Joerg Schultz from Germany and Giuseppe Giordano from Italy were eliminated from the Aussie Millions on the first day of competition.

Giuseppe has been playing at Titan Poker for about a year. His trip to Australia gave him a chance to participate in his first live tournament ever. "I usually work on weekdays, but the Aussie Millions Final happened to be on a Wednesday and I was off from work." And Giuseppe went on to win the tournament for a huge prize package! His advice to new players: "Follow your instincts and stay cool!"

Pictured above: Johannes Hall from Germany is hoping to increase his chip stack.

Johannes Hall is a carpenter and has been playing poker less than a year. "I am definitely a tournament player," he said, admitting that he has lost 12,000 Euro on cash games. After he won his Aussie Millions seat, Johannes got permission to miss six entire weeks from work, in order to travel. Johannes says he will try to win a seat to the World Series of Poker.

Pictured above: Nobody can tell if Sebastiaan van Kempen from The Netherlands is bluffing.

Pictured above: Giuseppe Giordano from Italy looks at his cards, hoping for pocket Aces.

Titan Poker's players are ready for poker! Pictured above: Joerg Schultz, Germany; Giuseppe Giordano, Italy; Johannes Hall, Germany; and Sebastiaan van Kempen, The Netherlands.

January 16, 2008: Team Titan Relaxes

Titan Poker's players enjoy a team dinner with their VIP hostess in a break from the poker action. Most of the players will only start the competition on Wednesday.

Sebastiaan van Kempen from the Netherlands spoke about his experience winning an Aussie Millions seat and representing Titan Poker:

"I've never even deposited," Sebastiaan said, explaining his success in freeroll tournaments.

"Last year I came in 4th place in an Aussie Millions satellite, and this year I won at a PokerNews qualifier. The most I've ever won at a tournament is $1,000. My goal is to make poker part of my living.

"I am really happy to be playing for Titan Poker and to be wearing a Titan Poker shirt because of the superb treatment!" Sebastiaan's advice to new players: "Start playing with fun money and freerolls to get the hang of the game."

January 15, 2008: First Player Advances

Cedric Segato of France, survived the competition on the first day of action and advances to Day Two of the Aussie Millions. Cedric has an impressive count of 39,800 chips. Titan Poker's five other players start the action on Wednesday.

January 14, 2008: The Aussie Million Begins

aussie millions

Cedric Segato of France, pictured above, is the first player from Titan Poker to get into the poker action at the Aussie Millions. Cedric plays online poker 4 to 5 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, He thinks poker is a game of tactics and skill (not luck). Cedric plays primarily tournaments and we wish him the best of luck in Australia!

aussie millions

Pictured above: Sebastiaan van Kempen from The Netherlands

Pictured above: Cedric Segato of France and Giuseppe Giordano of Italy are eager to get into the action!

The Aussie Millions is the biggest poker tournament Down Under, and is expected to prove a resounding success. Titan Poker sent a delegation of 6 players to this important event and wishes the very best to them!

Stay tuned for further updates and news from the Aussie Millions 2008, taking place at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.

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