ECPokerTour Malta 2009 Blog

November 12th 2009

The qualifiers for the ECPokerTour Malta started arriving at the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Valetta on November 12th for some relaxation in 5 star luxury at the sea. A grand Welcome Party was organized for the players and their guests.

Casino Di Venezia

The players were greeted upon arrival in the Casino di Venezia with a unique fire show in front of the Venetian Renaissance Palace at the Vittoriosa Waterfront. Welcome drinks and an exquisite buffet were available to all of the participants and guests. An oriental dance performance and an open bar helped to create a magical atmosphere.

Malta entertainment

The first cards were dealt and the action was on. Besides for the main event, there were also Sit ’N’ Go and cash tables open to players until 6 a.m.

November 13th 2009

Private coaches gathered in front of the Grand Hotel Excelsior at 1:30 p.m. to take the players to the anticipated Main Event. An atmosphere of enthusiasm filled the air at the Casino di Venezia. Once the start of the ECPokertour Malta 2009 Main Event has been announced by the tournament director David O’Neil, all that could be heard was the clicks of the thousands of chips in the hands of the 130 players.

By the time of the dinner break the number of players had decreased to 114. The tension could be felt in the air with players like Sorel Mizzi and Fabrice Soulier (both appear in the picture below) at the tables and the Titan Team in the game.

Fabrice Soulier and Sorel Mizzi

A fantastic dinner buffet awaited all of the participants and guests before the next episode of poker drama. Everyone enjoyed themselves in the lovely restaurant indulging in delightful champagne, savoring the feast of the senses, while admiring the view of the water in its full splendor from the restaurant’s balcony.

Marina and champagne

Players returned to the tables after a relaxing break only to dive into no-mercy play. By the end of Day 1 only 58 players remained in the game with Sorel Mizzi as chip leader, followed second by Bo Sehstedt. Andreas Schmidt, Jose Manuel Gomez Rebenaque and Adam York from the Titan Team also held strong positions.

After an action packed first day, the players set out for an evening out to enjoy the Malta nightlife and get recharged.

November 14th 2009

With the sun majestically over the Casino di Venezia, play resumed. 58 players drew their seats for the Main Event tables, while their ex-opponents enrolled in the Moneybookers side event which started at 19:00 with 63 participants.

A serious battle played out in the Main Event and Side Event. The Side Event winner was only announced at 5 a.m. after 10 hours of play. The winner was Henri Schoucair from France, who took home an ECPT trophy and €3400.

Titan Team in Malta

In the picture above are Andreas Schmidt, Adam York and Jose Manuel Gomez Rebenaque.

The Main Event action brought many all-ins, taking player after player out of the game. We were then down to 3 tables before the dinner break and the pressure kept on growing with everyone in the casino staring at those tables.

ECPokerTour in Malta

Only 8 players would reach the Main Table at the end of the day.

Mitja Potočin - Slovenia - 314,800 chips

Bo Sehlstedt - Sweden - 264,700 chips

Bernd-Philipp Hoff - Germany - 201,700 chips

John van de Bruggen - Netherlands - 199,300 chips

Manuel Thiede - Germany - 131,300 chips

Sorel Mizzi - Canada - 93,800 chips

Sean Perry - UK - 54,800 chips

Michael Schuchadt - Germany - 40,300 chips

Malta players

November 15th 2009

The last day of the tournament had arrived. 8 players were successful in their struggle for a seat at the Final Table. The Final Table was setup in a spacious lobby on the first floor where the Side event was held. The structure of the hall resembles a renaissance castle, which has been covered with the ECPokerTour and Titan Poker logos. The final table was recorded and projecting onto a giant screen for everyone to follow closely. A hundred eyes surrounded the table, waiting for any unpredictable sequence of events to occur.

Sorel Mizzi and Sean Perry were taken out of the game before the dinner break, leaving 6 players to worry about what would happen after dinner. The next to leave the table was Slovenian Mitja Potočin, followed by Titan Poker qualifier Bernd-Phillipp Hoff and German player Manuel Thiede.

Then it all happened - final hand which uncovered the winner among the three remaining players, who went all-in pre-flop. Bo Sehstedt had A-Q, John Van de Bruggen had 6-6 and Michael Schuchardt had 10-10. The flop was A-4-4, the turn – a 10 and the river changed the winner again by unveiling an Ace! The ECPT champion for 2009 was pro player Bo Sehlstedt from Sweden with a full house of Aces full of fours, which gives John Van De Bruggen 2nd place and leaves Michael Schuchardt in third. Everyone gathered around the table within a second to take pictures and the winner could not stop smiling, posing with his check for €51,382 and the prestigious ECPT trophy!

Henry Schoucair

In the picture above, Side Event Winner, Henri Schoucair

Malta winners

Bo “Legato” Sehlstedt

2009 ECPT Malta Winners


ECPT Champion: Bo “Legato” Sehlstedt - €51,382

2nd place: John Van De Bruggen - €31,200

3rd place: Michael Michael Schuchardt - €21,450

4th place: Manuel Thiede - €15,600

5th place: Bernd-Philipp Hoff - €13,650

6th place: Mitja Potočin - €11,700

7th place: Sorel Mizzi - €9,750

8th place: Sean Perry - €7,800

Titan Poker congratulates the players on their Malta performance. Hopefully we will see you at the next ECPT event in Barcelona.

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