Day 1, April 2nd

Titan Poker proudly presents....the ECPoker Tour Salzburg 2009

Surrounded by the incredible snow-capped Alps in Austria, players begin to arrive for their shot at poker glory. Players from all corners of the globe gathering to stay at the luxurious 5-star Alpine Palace resort.

The welcome party had its start around 9pm. Players were treated to some great food, free drinks at the open bar, Photographer Erwin Gabriel was also on hand from the world famous Fashion TV for some additional entertainment.

After the opening festivities, a satellite leading to the Main Event kick-started the poker action. A total of 33 players participated and Titan Poker Romanian players, Aleksandar Ivanescu and Bogdan Ionescu successfully qualified. The poker excitement lasted until after 4am - as players were busy at cash tables and sit 'n' go's.

What an incredible first day! Everyone is tired and needs some rest to get ready for the big day. After several months of waiting, the ECPokerTour Salzburg is about to start...

Day 2, April 3rd

Wow...what a great night's rest. Everyone is pumped and ready to hit the tables today. The scent of victory is all around the lobby where lunch is being served.

A grand total of 123 talented players from across the world (over 20 countries) are ready to start. Players are getting their poker faces on and are ready to make an impression on the poker world. As good as some's not possible for everyone to claim victory. After 1 hour, the first player has been eliminated from the tournament. As friends and family gather to watch their loved one's play, the atmosphere begins to intensify.

Finally - a lunch break. Everyone is hungry and there’s a real feeling of excitment in the cool Austrian Alps air. However, the tension remains and more players will soon be eliminated.

The participants are playing their best and hoping to be dealt a winning hand from the dealer. Can you see who's bluffing?

It's been a long afternoon and everyone is ready to eat. Everyone is treated to 1st class service and food.

Until 1:00 AM, players are still battling out the first day's Main Event. 31 players (12 from Titan Poker) are left remaining. Who will be around this time tomorrow? We'll find out soon.

French player Frederic Levy (wearing sunglasses), who has become a regular on the Titan Poker tournament circuit - is in complete concentration mode.

Who wants a pint of Austrian beer? A well earned break is needed after a long day. Probst! While some players enjoy their fresh Austrian brews, others decide to take in the mountain scenery with a relaxing evening stroll.

Everyone needs a good night's rest - because tomorrow will be the deciding day as to who continues to advance in the Main Event. Many are too excited to sleep and who can blame them? For many, this is the poker thrill of a lifetime. Dreams are abound tonight of being crowned the winner of ECPoker Tour.

Jerome Bessout, a member of the prestigous Titan Poker Team, takes a break outside in the fresh mountain breeze.

Members of the Titan Poker Team (from left to right) Maurizio Vuturo, Eugen Gout, Maria Cabaleiro, Kirill Magnusov, and Jerome Bessout are having a great time together.

Day 3, April 4th

Day 3 of the tournament has started. We are all enjoying the beautiful sunshine hitting the snowy Alps. Combined with some live piano music coming from the lobby, the excitement is everywhere.

By the end of the day, only 9 out of 31 players will advance to the final table. This is what a poker tournament is all about...

As the tournament continues after lunch this afternoon, the advancing players will soon be revealed. Who's the best of the best? We'll find out soon.

For the players who have unfortunately been eliminated from the Main Event, ECPoker Tour is certainly not finished! The first side event, sponsored by Poker Strategy, begins at 17:00. With 75 players signed up, the poker tension is going to be no less than the Main Event tables.

At 20:00, there are only 10 players remaining in the Main Event. So one player is about to face elimination. Before the big announcement, we are all sitting down to enjoy another amazing meal. A little brain energy is very much needed.

At 22:00 the 9 players are finally announced:

1. Zinth Christine from Germany, 127,000 chips

2. Linderson Carl from Sweden, 100,300 chips

3. Zocchetti Ludo from France, 79,100 chips

4. Chen Jacob from Australia, 88,800 chips

5. Mircea Spirnu from Romania, 95,900 chips

6. Manole Mihai from Romania, 371,900 chips

7. Schmidt Andreas ( Titan Poker player) from Germany, 293,200 chips

8. Landa Jose Antonio from Spain, 103,000 chips

9. Frederic Levy ( Titan Poker player), 31,000 chips

For those players who didn't make the final round of the Main Event, the side games tournament is well underway and with 10,913 Euros prize pool, but some excitement news is about to break.

It is 2:30 in the morning, but Titan Poker player Christian Schulz from Germany could not care less. He has just won the Poker Strategy Side Event.

Congratulations, Christian.

What a long day, but it's not over yet. The Main Event continues on for one more day.

The champion of the ECPokerTour Salzburg will soon be revealed. To one talented poker player victory is only a few hours away.

Day 4, April 5th

And finally the last day begins. Today we will know the name of the winner of ECPokerTour Salzburg 2009. The final table begins at 4 PM and 9 most skilled and talented players are currently relaxing and enjoying the last day of their trip in Alps.

After lunch the players are beginning to gather in the lobby and the tension is growing fast. The game is going to be projected on the big screen near the table in order to allow everyone to have a first look at the action. A few photos of the top 9 players are taken before the Main Event. And with that, here we go...

The final table battle continues till the dinner time. After a one hour break, there are only two remaining players – Andreas Schmidt, a Titan poker player from Germany, and Jacob Chen from Australia.


9 PM is the decisive hour – Andreas and Jacob are sitting one in front another with their poker faces on. Around 22.30 we finally know the name of the ECPT Salzburg winner: it’s Jacob Chen with a 47,302 Euros cash prize – congratulations! His first words after his win: “I am breathless!”

2nd place finisher is Anderas Schmidt – 30, 480 Euros

3rd place winner Jose Antonio Landa - 20, 140 Euros

4th place - Mihai Manole – 16.640 Euros

5th place - Christine Zinth – 13,140 Euros

6th place - Mircea Spirnu - 10, 520 Euros

7th place - Ludovic Zocchetti - 8, 240 Euros

8th place - Carl Linderson – 6,480 Euros

9th place - Frederic Levy – 4,900 Euros

Congratulations to all the players who decided to take part in the ECPT Salzburg 2009 and we wish everyone a safe trip home!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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