European Poker Tour - San Remo 2008


Casino San Remo

Titan Poker sent a delegation of seven players to participate in the EPT San Remo Tournament, which took place at the Casino San Remo from the 1st to the 5th of April, 2008. San Remo is a gorgeous resort town on the coast of Italy, and known as the "city of flowers" locally, and has been a home for Monet, Garibaldi and Alfred Nobel.

Hotel Villa Sapienza - San Remo

A Cathedral in San Remo

The event, which was supposed to be capped at 500 players, wound up allowing nearly 700 registrants, of which 33% were Italians!

Day 1A(not all players could begin on the same day, since there were so many registered) began with 336 players, three of whom were our very own (see below). There were 95 survivors on this day, one of whom was Titan Poker's Massimiliano Tamburini of Italy.

Day 1A players ready to play some poker!

Massimiliano Tamburini of Italy, Stephane Lamau of France and Heribert Prott of Austria.

For Massimiliano, this was a big day, as it was not only his first Live Tournament, but he has only been playing poker for six months - and only on Titan Poker! Needless to say, he played remarkably well, making it to Day 2 and playing a very memorable hand with Dutch poker pro Roland de Wolfe. "He raised - I re-raised, he raised again...I...RE-RAISED!" he told proudly. Don't even ask me what cards he actually held - I was sworn to secrecy...but our man won this hand! Massimiliano loves Titan Poker because of its satellite structure and the fact that "It's a serious site."

Massimiliano Tamburini perfects "the look."

Stephane Lamau is also a newcomer to poker, and an optician from France. "It was a dream to participate in this tournament," he said. "I thought it would never happen when I played in the $40 Satellite, but here I am!" Stephane played until late on Day 1A. "I have only played on Titan Poker so I can't really compare," he said. "But I adore the French software, and good and fast support, so why play anywhere else?"

Stephane Lamau checking out his cards.

Heribert Prott also got to enjoy his first live tournament in San Remo. His favorite thing about Titan Poker is the large amount of tournaments offered. He is constantly working to improve his game by reading books about poker and watching it on TV.

Heribert Prott getting started on Day 1A.

Players and partners.

Massimiliano Tamburini with wife Patrizia Innocenti; Stephane Lamau with wife Sylvie.

Day 1B began with 361 players, four of whom were from Titan Poker (see below). There were 113 survivors, one of whom was our very own Kenneth Tomming of Denmark.

Day 1B players Daniel Walker of the UK, Kenneth Tomming of Denmark and Jelte Kruijer of The Netherlands

Daniel Walker, originally from Canberra, Australia, has been living and working in the UK with his girlfriend, Tai, for the past year. He is taking advantage of seeing the world and extremely thankful to Titan Poker for helping him with this goal - especially to play poker!

After a very successful and long Day 1B, Daniel had a nice stack of 45,000 chips. However, he was then moved to another table where he had a horrible bad beat, when Q-6 beat his pocket Jacks!

After returning to London and having a few days to recover, he wrote: "The player that busted my pocket Jacks with his Q-6 was Anthony Lellouche, who I see played extremely well and went on to finish in second spot. He definitely put my chips to good use! Thanks again for organizing a great week - I had a spectacular time."

Daniel Walker of the UK is deep in thought.

Jelte Kruijer, a seasoned Titan Poker player, who has represented us Live at the WSOP 2007, the EPT Prague in December 2007, the WPS Costa Rica in January 2008 and now in San Remo, is thrilled to keep playing live but not thrilled to still not reach the money!

A worker in the diaper industry (which is convenient as he has FIVE children), Jelte has been successful enough at Titan Poker to work only part time now. He looks forward to spending June in Las Vegas, where he will be playing in several WSOP events. Jelte attended this event with longtime girlfriend Esther.

Jelte Kruijer gets serious at the tables.

Kenneth Tomming of Denmark, was the last standing Titan Poker player at this tournament. The hand that did him in was when he raised to 4000 (he had 16,000 chips remaining), and the entire table folded except for the Big Blind, who went all in. At the show down Tomming held A-10 and lost to the BB's A-Q.

But Kenneth has another chance, as he will be representing Titan Poker again at the ECPT Madrid in May, the first tournament to be sponsored by Titan Poker. Satellites to this event are ongoing and Super Satellites take place every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Kenneth Tomming (far right) waits for Day 2 to begin along with poker pro Daniel Negreanu (left).

Giuseppe Rago of Italy on Day 1 B.

Players had a marvelous time in this beautiful city and thank Titan Poker for this fantastic opportunity.

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