Titan Poker Players at the Irish Open 2008

MARCH 23rd, 2008: DAY 3 OF THE IRISH OPEN 2008.

French player Frederic Levy started Day 3 as the only remaining Titan Poker player in the tournament. He began with 82,000 chips and was seated at Table 5. Prize money being awarded to eliminated players had just increased from 9,000 Euros to 13,000 Euros, so Frederic was well into the money. With his King and Queen of Spades he decided to go All-in. Faced with an opponent's pair of Tens, Frederic was glad to see the Flop bring him two more kings, enabling him to double up in chips. (Winning hand pictured below)

Shortly after making such an incredible win, Frederic was ushered to the "TV table" where he immediately won again when he turned a pair of Fours into a Flush to beat his opponent's pair of Jacks. But the good cards stopped coming and Frederic was kicked out of the tournament. Frederic finished the Irish Open in 21st place, taking home an incredible 18,000 Euros. When asked about the time spent at the TV table he said, "I was not nervous, and yes, it was a lot of fun being at the broadcast table. I admit I was very tired when I was sitting there, and I think to play well you have to feel and behave well."

MARCH 22nd, 2008: DAY 2 OF THE IRISH OPEN 2008.

Six Titan Poker players prepare to go through to the second day of the Irish Open 2008.

Hartmut Renken from Germany was first to be knocked out - despite starting with 32,975 chips. Jean-Pierre Perrera from France (pictured below with Poker Celebrity Doyle Brunson) started with 27,750 chips and was next to be knocked out.

During the course of the day, Vladimir Botto (pictured below) and Giovanni Safina are also knocked out - leaving just French player Frederic Levy in the competition.

21:30 GMT - French player Frederic Levy (pictured below) still remains in the tournament. There are currently 111 players remaining in the tournament and only the top 72 will finish in the money. Keep checking here for further updates on Frederic's progress in this exciting tournament.

MARCH 21st, 2008: DAY 1B OF THE IRISH OPEN 2008.

Our second delegation of Titan Poker players wait for the start of Tournament 1B - the second day of the Irish Open 2008. Players pictured below.

Nine Titan Poker players were registered for Day 1B. Our first player out was Stefan Leder, who lost on his fourth hand of the day. He was followed by Spanish player Roberto Merida (pictured below with Antonio Maestro).

French player Olivier Padilla was next out, followed by fellow French player Christophe Catena. Richard Aihoshi, from Canada, went out in the final hour after going all-in and losing on the flop. Finally, Lehel Keleman from Hungary was knocked out in the final moments.

Overall, Titan Poker players did better on Day 1A than Day 1B. Just one Titan Poker player made it through on Day 1B - bringing the total number of Titan Poker players competing on Day 2 up to six.

MARCH 20th, 2008: DAY 1A OF THE IRISH OPEN 2008.

Nine Titan Poker players await anxiously for the start of Tournament 1A - the first day of the Irish Open 2008.

Apostolos Karagiannis (pictured above), from Germany, has travelled with his wife to Dublin for this event.

The Irish Open 2008 will be the first time that Apostolos has ever played in a live event.

He said: "I am very excited to be playing here. I love playing poker, my favourite thing about the game is the 'kick' of adrenaline that you get when betting.

Pictured above: Hartmut Renken, also from Germany, discovered his love of poker in 2007.

After just two months of playing, his wife bought him a seat to the WSOP. Unfortunately, he was out after just two hours but has since been more successful online, with several big cash finishes and his latest online win at Titan Poker to the Irish Open 2008.

Danish Player Ole Langvad Wessby (pictured above) was our first player to be out - after one hour of game play. He lost after getting a full house with three sevens and two Queens, but lost after a fellow player also produced a full house ofthree Kings and two Queens.

Our next player to be out was Jeffry Maynard, from the Netherlands, who lost 90% of his stack on the hand before his final hand.

By the end of the day, FIVE Titan Poker Players were through to Day Two. See players pictured below:

Chip Counts at the End of the First Round:

Chip Leader : 82,250 Chips
Hartmut Renken : 32,975 Chips. Place 36
Vladimir Botto : 13,100 Chips
Antonio Maestro : 9,800 Chips
Frederic Levy : 7,200 Chips
Giovani Safina : 3,700 Chips


One day before the first day of the Main Event, Titan Poker players are given the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sights of Dublin.

Titan Poker treated all its players to a private dinner in this beautiful city and helped them to relax and prepare for the excitement that awaits them.


Pictured below: Titan Poker players enjoying a relaxing meal in Dublin.


The Irish Open 2008 will be staged in the heart of Dublin and has a guaranteed 3 Million Euro prize pool. Eighteen skilled Titan Poker players arrived in Dublin today ready to participate in this thrilling tournament.

Stay tuned for further updates and news from the Irish Open 2008, taking place from the 19th to the 24th of March at the CityWest Casino in Dublin, Ireland.

Pictured below: CityWest Casino, Dublin.

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