Titan Poker at Irish Open 2009

DAY ONE, April 10

The 2009 Irish Open in Dublin has finally arrived!

Titan Poker players will do their utmost against some of Europe's elite.

The Titan Poker contingent (29 of the most highly skilled online poker players) found their own ways to prepare for the competition; some took last minute naps, others went to the gym and many talked amongst themselves, with the most audible conversations centering on strategy for the upcoming tournament.

Arrival at the Citywest hotel (pictured above), to welcome the 29 Titan Poker players from 11 countries worldwide.

After settling into their rooms, players and Titan Poker representatives gathered in the lobby for a meet and greet session.

At 14:00 the tournament got underway and the atmosphere was electric...

Titan Poker players were all ready and geared up on the morning of the Main Event.

Minutes away from 14:00, with the tournament about to begin:

Tables: 67
Players: 700
Average chips: 10,000

Prize: 2,240,000 Euros

The live broadcasting table - To be used as the final table.

As we head into the second half of Day One, two Titan Poker players, Artem Khudaverdiev and Jan Hjerpe, found themselves seated at the broadcasting table. This is a televised table, sending live broadcasts across the web.

Up and coming player Patrick Mettler.

21:30 - 467 players remain, average chip count = 15,000.
Slowly, other members of the Titan Poker group are eliminated from the action, their hopes of taking some of the prize money ended...for this year.

Down to the last 17 remaining players in the tournament, two players from our Titan Poker Team - Eugen Gout and Zacharias Johannes.

Titan Poker player Leon de Row of the Netherlands (far left).

Just minutes before the end of Day One and Daniel Nyakas from Hungary is the next Titan Poker player eliminated, meaning that Titan Poker will start Day Two with 14 players and 2 members of the Titan Poker Team still in the action.

00:10 - END OF LEVEL 8 - Day One finishes with 310 players, average chips are 22,600.
Tomorrow marks the beginning of Level 9 with blinds set at 400/800 with an ante of 50.

French player Thierry Barou.

After approximately 10 exhausting hours of poker, players will need a good rest and to wake up refreshed if they want to reach the final table and possibly walk away with the 600,000 Euro guaranteed prize.

DAY TWO, April 11

DAY TWO of the Irish Open, and the anticipation levels are rising...

Titan Poker players (from left to right) Renzo Talpo, Alessandro Jaretti Sodano and Roberto Moioli.

Day Two highlights...

The day began with 14 qualified Titan Poker players and 2 players from the Titan Poker Team.
Patrick Mettler doubled up within 30 minutes, with trip Kings against a pair of Queens.
Italian player, Alessandro Sodano was out within the same short time-span, as was Julien Lamaison.

Titan Team player Eugen Gout (above), was also eliminated at the beginning of Level 10.

Leon de Rouw was unfortunate to find himself out, just five minutes before the end of Level 10.

As Level 11 begins, the eyes of most spectators in the room, and millions more around the world, are on John de Wit and Kara Scott Tobin, both boasting huge stacks as they do battle at the live broadcasting table.
Lyle McNay and Marcus Mizzi were knocked out half way through Level 11, at which point 179 Players seated around 20 tables remain, with average chipcount at 39,100.

The following are notable statistics as level 13 begins:

Tables: 16
Players: 141
Average chips: 49,600

By the end of Level 13, the competition was showing no signs of cooling, and Patrick Mettler was the next to fall.

Massimiliano Tamburini ni from Italy.

By the end of the evening, there are 9 remaining tables, 68 players and an average of 102,900 chips.

Tomorrow should be an extremely exciting and eventful day of tournament poker!!

DAY THREE, April 12

After a night of celebration, as the 6 remaining Titan Poker players took some time to unwind, Day three is upon us. Eliminated players are still around, playing in side tournaments and/or supporting the remaining Titan Poker hopefuls in their quest for glory...

The final standing member of the Titan Team, Zacharias, is knocked out in 51st place, pocketing 4,900 Euros for his efforts.

French player Thierry Barou, was also knocked out with K,10 in his hand, beaten by the Q,9 held by his opponent, with a 9 coming on the Flop. He won 9,600 Euros.

After a much needed break, the atmosphere still tense, only three tables remain, around which are seated the remaining 22 players. The average chipcount now standing at 318,000.

The last remaining Titan Poker player, Massimiliano Tamburini , was still going strong on the broadcasting table until Level 22, where his A,Q was helpless against A,K and, with no help from the community cards he was eliminated. His reward for finishing in 17th place was a cash prize of 17,900 Euros.
And so was the end of day 3...

At the end of the evening, the eight players to reach the final table were confirmed.

Irish Open 2009

The exhilaration came to a heads up with Kara Scott and Christer Johansson battling it out for the top prize of 600,000 Euros.

Kara Scott and Christer Johansson (below), seated at the final table of the Irish Open - 2009.

The action was tense and slow in the final moments as the crowd of onlookers awaited eagerly to see who would be crowned Irish Open champion 2009.

The final moments played out as follows:

AVERAGE CHIPS - 2,333,000

Kara raises 140,000
Christer calls.

Kara bets 175,000 and Christer raises to 575,000
Kara moves all in for 2.5 million , Christer calls with his 1.9 million remaining chips.

Kara holding a JACK and a NINE
Christer holding KING and a THREE


Kara is out and Christer Johansson walks away with 600,000 Euros and the Irish Open title 2009.


Thank you to all our players for participating in the 2009 Irish Open! We hope to see you again at the next LIVE event...

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