Titan Poker at the Irish Open 2011

The Irish Open is truly a tradition on the European Poker scene. The event always attracts a large and colorful field of players. This year was no exception as the biggest poker tournament in Ireland drew a field of 615 Main Event starters who were competing for a share of a €1,968,000 prize pool. The field as usual consisted of well-known industry veterans like Jack McClelland, Liam Flood, and Devilfish; football star Teddy Sheringham; pros Roberto Romanello and James Akenhed; and many of the top names in European poker. Many international qualifiers could also be found at the tables.

Twenty of the players at the Irish Open 2011 stepped into the poker room wearing the Titan Poker logo. Seventeen of them had qualified online and the other 3 were Team Titan members Sam Trickett, Florian Desgouttes, and Cristophe Benzimra.

Action in the Poker RoomTitan Poker’s 17 qualifiers were Lorna Lancaster from Canada; Andreas Koester and Fabian Holling from Germany; Italians Dario Amorelli, Giuseppe D’agnese and Stefano Monciotti; Henny Kennedy and Gerard Kottink from the Netherlands; Romanians Cezar Sabin Frincu and Narcis Gabriel Nedelcu; Swede Sebastian Skuja; Anatoly Filatov from Russia; and Brits William Smith, Zachary Kempe, Paul Febers, Tim Morton and Michael Matar.

After 3 days of play we had only two players who finished in the money – Paul Febers from the UK and Canadian Lorna Lancaster.

Our pros had no luck at the tables as they left the Main Event short of the money. The star of UK Poker Sam Trickett gradually accumulated an above-average stack on Day 1.

Sam TrickettAfter the dinner break, Sam changed tables and that did not bring him much luck as he lost a big portion of his stack on a couple of dangerous boards. One of them went like this: Sam called from the small blind, the flop came A♦6♦7♥, check check, and the turn was A♠. Sam bet 800, the button calleds and the river came Q♦. The player on the button bet 1400 and Sam folded.

On Day 2, Sam started with 41,900 in chips at the table of Titan Poker qualifier William Smith. He managed to stabilize his stack with a couple of good bets. First, during level 10 (blinds 500-1000, ante 50, average stack 49K), Sam in the big blind position paid the pre-flop raise of the small blind. Flop came A♣7♣A♥, both players checked, the turn was a 5♦ and the small blind folded to Sam’s 5200 bet.

William Smith

After a couple of unplayable hands, Sam in the small blind took a small pot with a 7K bet on the river. The board was 3♦4KQ♦8. Then he lost a hand and mucked his cards at showdown – his opponent had K♥J♥ on an A882K board and they had both checked all the way to showdown. He had a 46K stack and half an hour later he shoved all-in for 37K from the button after the cutoff had raised to 4K pre-flop. Sam had pocket 4s vs the other player’s pocket Queens. The flop came QJ2.

Christophe Benzimra wasn’t really getting any cards or good situations and was eliminated during level 7 on the 1st day.

Florian with Teddy SheringhamFlorian had football player Teddy Sheringham at his table on Day 1. The Titan pro knocked out a player by going all-in pre-flop with AQ. The opponent had K♥J♥ and the board ran 2 8 6 5 6 rainbow. During Day 1 he engaged in a hand with Q6 at the small blind. Flop came 2♥4 6. His opponent at UTG1 bet 2500 and Florian called. The turn was a 10 and a continuation bet followed from the UTG player. Florian called to see a river card J. He paid the next bet of 8500 and won the pot with 6s vs. the other player’s pocket fives.

More than half of the entrants were eliminated on Day 1 and only 287 players out of 615 returned to the tables for Day 2 of the Main Event, including some of Titan Poker’s qualifiers - Dario Amorelli; Narcis Gabriel Nedelcu with a stack of 65,675; Canadian Lorna Lancaster with 23,850; Paul Febers with 97,400; Italians Giuseppe D’agnese and Stefano Monciotti with 24,800 and 67,275 respectively; and German Andreas Koester with 39,000.

On Day 2 Florian returned with a stack of 61,000. He collected a lot of chips with pre-flop all-ins. One of those he did with AK off-suit from middle position, after the button had raised. Florian’s stack then reached its peak for the day – 87K. Shortly after at blinds 1K-2K our pro engaged in the following situation. UTG1 raised to 5500, UTG2 called and Florian moved all-in for 60K from the button. He had K♦J♦. UTG1 folded and UTG2 called. The flop came A♦Q♦2♣4♠5♥ and Florian’s opponent took the pot with pocket 2s. After this hand Florian was left with a 30K stack and moved all-in with A10 off-suit which is how he left the Main Event.

On Day 3 there were only 2 tables left with Main Event survivors. The chip leader was John Eames from the UK who frequently eliminated the players on the featured table.

Paul FebersPaul Febers from the UK and Lorna Lancaster from Canada were the only Titans to come back to the tables on Day 3.They were relatively short stacked – Lorna with 96,000 and Paul with 69,500, and were seated at the same table – Lorna in seat 2, Paul in seat 5. The starting level was 18th with 3-6K blinds and a 500 ante. The average stack was 236K. Paul Febers soon went all-in in an attempt to double-up with QJ off-suit from the button. A player from MP paid him with K♥10♥ and the BB with Q♠8♠. The board came 33♣5♣24♣ and Paul collected €5,900 for 45th place.

Lorna, who was “in the money” previously at the ECPokerTour Barcelona sponsored by Titan Poker in 2010, was the last lady left standing in the Irish Open Main Event. She had about the same stack all day with the blinds melting it away and then slightly inflating it thanks to her all-ins with no showdowns. She did her best to double-up: She raised to 15K from the button and the BB called. The flop came J♦6♣3♣. She bet 12K and collected the pot. She then went all-in from the SB for 70K a bit later. Her hand was A♦K♦ vs the button’s pocket 8s. The board brought an Ace and Lorna doubled up to 160K.

Interesting players who were sitting at her table later in the day were FullTilt Pro Andy Black on her left and Niall Smyth in seat 5, who finished 11th in the 2009 Irish Open, and eventually won this year’s event.

During Level 23 (blinds 10-20K, ante 2000) Lorna went all-in for 80K from middle position and the big blind called. The game was 8-handed and Lorna had A♠10♠ against the big blind’s KJo. The board came 3♣A♥K♥39 and Lorna doubled up to 206K. 10 minutes later during the same level John Eames eliminated a player who went all-in pre-flop with A♣9♣. John’s K♥10♥ held up as the board ran JJ8910c (2 clubs). This left us with 12 players – 6 on each table. Lorna Lancaster decided to shove all-in with her AJo before the blinds increased on a 3 Q J board and was up against QQ. She had put her opponent on AK. The turn was an 8 and the river a J.

Lorna Lancaster and Andy BlackThe last lady standing left the Irish Open Main Event in 12th place taking home €19,400 for her outstanding performance.

Titan Poker congratulates Lorna for her great performance and wishes her many ITMs as part of Titan Poker’s delegation in live events!

If you’ve missed out on your chance to compete at the Burlington this week, make sure to play the qualifiers on Titan Poker for the next Irish Open.


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