Irish Winter Festival 2008


Titan Poker sent a contingent of fifteen skilled players to the 2008 Irish Winter Festival, staged in Dublin from October 25th to 27th, 2008. Players enjoyed four nights in Ireland's party capital and tasted the fruits of the vibrant city, while playing for a share of the sensational 1 Million Euro Prize Pool at Dublin's City West Hotel.

The Irish Winter Festival kicked off with a welcome party at the Guinness StoreHouse in Dublin. Titan Poker players enjoyed a nice tour in the brewery while hearing the story of the biggest Irish company. The tour concluded on the last floor of the former factory which offered amazing views of Dublin. Players were treated to delicious food and pints of genuine Irish beer, which was accompanied with live traditional music.

All of the Titan Poker team enjoyed drinks with the beautiful view of Ireland's capital city at night...

including more drinks!

Day 1

After yesterday’s party, players have slept well and following a quick breakfast, they are now ready and waiting for the tournament to begin. The Titan Poker team gathered together early to help each other prepare and calm the nerves.

Marek Beldus, Daniel Winter-Holzinger and Chris Woods (from left to right) have one last chat before taking their seats

There are some interesting seating arrangements as Titan Poker's Patrik Schulz is seated beside the former Irish Open champion Neil Channing. This is one of Neil’s rare moments where he isn’t receiving a massage.

Christophe Thomas is wearing his Titan Poker gear with pride.

Andy Black, Ireland’s most successful poker player (in green), always kept the room laughing as he tried to guess other peoples’ cards and thoughts. Sometimes he was alarmingly accurate.

Shuffle up and deal! Chris Woods and Jonaton Layani are seated together at the start of the tournament.

Slobodan Savic is all laughs off the table but as you can see he is an intense competitor when involved in a hand.

Chris Woods and his proud father Keith Woods. Chris is about to head back to the table as Keith plans a trip to the bar.

Alexey Efremov, Titan Poker’s Russian player is all business at the table.

The gang meet up for a quick chat with Titan Poker’s very own VIP representative, David Franzini (in pink) motivating them to survive through day one.

As the blinds increased, so did the competition and Marek Beldus, our Swedish player, was our first Titan Poker player out. Marek was extremely unlucky. He got all the money in with his two pair beating his opponents’ pair of Aces but the turn and the river cruelly brought two jacks cancelling out his advantage.

Seres Sandu is the next player to hit the felt as some of our Titan Poker Players begin to earn some free time in Dublin.

Daniel Winter-Holzinger is knocked out despite an impressive showing. He had a consistent run of bad luck during the weekend in Dublin but was always in good humour.

Unfortunately Stefan Schmitz, one of our German players, also gets knocked out but Stefan stays behind to cheer on his Titan Poker teammates.

End of Day 1 in the nice hotel bar and some celebratory drinks are in order!

Day 2

At the start of Day 2 with 6 Titan Poker players left, Alexandre Boukobza is looking strong seated next to Ireland’s Andy Black. Alexandre had a great chip stack at one stage but unfortunately with the blinds and antes rising, he was forced into a race and came out second best, so was eliminated.

Guillaume Bordas is eliminated but keeps himself busy by making new friends.

As the numbers dwindle down closer to the money, Chris Woods has been dominating, keeping all the Titan Poker fans railing quite happy, including of course his father.

Christoph Matzke, his Mother Bettina Matzke and Titan Poker’s VIP Representative Alan Barnett. Christoph had clung to the shortstack all day and had played impressive “ninja” poker. His mother supported him the whole way through, living every moment with him, and keeping the rest of us entertained with her thoughts on the proceedings. This was Christoph’s first live tournament and the 19 year-old put in a very good performance finishing 25th for 2540 euro.

Day 3

Mark Emde was the only Titan Poker player to join Chris Woods on the final day. Mark is a professional poker player that hails from Canada. With barely any cards to work with Mark used his skill to outlast most of his competitors while always at least half under the average stack. Mark finished in an impressive 18th place but the professional was not happy as he saw finishing 18th as “17 away from the spot I want”. Mark had a great trip and was an important part of the Titan Poker team.

Titan Poker VIP Representative Alan Barnett, Chris Woods, and Titan Poker VIP Representative David Franzini (left to right). Down to the final table and after an impressive three day display Chris Woods went into it the chip leader.

While David stayed behind with Chris’s father and a few other fans to support Chris, Alan brought the rest of the Titan Poker Team to the famous Irish Greyhound racing, with their own private suite and bar for more gambling and great food.

Everyone arrived back just as Chris was navigating through a tough field to the final stages.

Chris did an amazing job and was rather unlucky to not win the whole tournament. He finished 2nd losing the heads up hand with his pocket Jacks being defeated by Ace 6. He was not complaining too much with a prize of 106,000 euro! Read his amazing story in our Latest News section!

Titan Poker congratulates all its winners and thanks you all for a great tournament. See you at the next one!

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