Irish Winter Festival 2010 - Summary


The Irish Winter Festival 2010 started off with a field of 347 players who registered to the event for a hefty sum of €1,650 each. All players, amateurs and professionals alike, competed for the huge prize pool of over €500,000!

Nineteen Titan Poker players from around the world gathered at the Burlington hotel in beautiful Dublin, including three talented members of Team Titan: Joël Benzinou from Belgium, Florian Desgouttes from France and Marvin Rettenmaier from Germany.

On the first day of the tournament, Titan Poker player Robert Van Den Bogaert encountered bad luck with two hands that were the end of the road for him at the Irish Winter Festival. He lost the first unlucky hand, which was AA in the hole vs. his opponent’s 88. The 8 on the flop gave his opponent the victory.

In his second unlucky hand, Robert went all-in pre-flop with JJ vs. his opponent’s AA. While the flop gave him a third J and things seemed promising, an Ace on the river eliminated him from the tournament.

Robert Van Den Bogaert

The first day of the Irish Winter Festival 2010 ended with 8 Titan Poker players still in the game, including our 3 Team Titan pro players. With 110 players left after the first day, the second day was sure to be full of surprises.

Burlington Hotel poker room

After a full day of poker, Titan Poker players turn their attention to something else important - good Irish beer at the Burlington Hotel bar (while talking and analyzing their hands until very late at night).


The second day of the Irish Winter Festival didn’t start well for Team Titan member Joel Benzinou from Belgium, who started the day very short stacked (15,475). He went all-in pre-flop with 99 and his opponent called with AA… the flop, turn and river didn’t help and Joel was out of the tournament.

Stephan gerin & Joel Benzinou

Unfortunately, Joel was not the only player busted on the second day. Daniele Cirocco from Italy, after having only 7,500 chips left, went all-in with his respectable AK against his opponent’s 1010. The flop, turn and river gave him no pair or straight possibilities so Daniele was out.

Daniele Cirocco

The next to drop out of the tournament was Team Titan member Florian Desgouttes from France, who lost all his chips with JJ against KK in the first hand and AJ against 99 in the second hand.

Florian Desgouttes

All of the remaining players were in the money but the big surprise was still up ahead. Italian Titan Poker player Dario Amorelli was also eliminated from the tournament holding a pair of aces. He received a third ace on the turn, after the flop came out K 10 5, while his opponent had only QQ. But the vengeful river came out a J, which gave his opponent a straight and sent Dario home €4,000 richer.

Dario Amorelli

There were only two Titan Poker players remaining, Leon Ineke from the Netherlands and Jonnie Sonelin from Sweden. Unfortunately, they were both out of the tournament before the final table and neither had a chance to win the €125,000 first prize.

Leon Ineke finished in 12th place and won €8,100 Euros. Shortly after that, Jonnie Sonelin finished in 10th place, also winning €8,100 Euros.

Leon Ineke


There is always the next Irish Winter Festival for Titan Poker players!

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